Come What May


I knew I needed to come on this trip. And I knew I needed to prepare for this trip both mentally and spiritually.


Truthfully- I thought the prompting to “prepare” was because I have always gotten overwhelmed in big crowds. I take on the energies of those around me, and I get drained.


But oh how I have learned on this tip!! One thing I learned is that no one can take anything away from me without my permission. Not even my energy. I have a choice!! It may sound so silly¬†and simple- but that AHA moment right there alone is life changing for me. I love people. And I’ve given myself the label that I’m an “outgoing introvert”. I believed I needed to be alone to get energy. And being around people drains energy. But that’s not truth!



I do get to be alone to meditate, ground myself, and surround myself in light. The spirit speaks when I am still, and I get to be STILL because my spirit craves that closeness with God. But the truth is I can choose to let people drain me, or I can choose otherwise. But I don’t have to be scared anymore to be in large crowds. I get to choose.


That’s just one big life changing AHA moment, but I’ve had so many. Every single day, each lesson in the perfect progression.

Now I know I was being told to prepare for this trip because God had so many things to tell me here. Truths He has wanted to tell me my whole life, but I wasn’t ready to listen.

Whenever I catch a glimpse into the master plan that is going on behind scenes- I am in awe. Everything that happens truly IS for my highest good.

So come what may. I don’t “need” to plan and be in control of everything. God is oh so gracious and kind. I feel an abundance of His love for me, and I am grateful. All is well.