Challenge accepted!


10408042_10204043855189132_856257103412710451_nOnce upon a time I had the whole 5 am workout routine DOWN. When Jayson was working that was the only option if I wanted to get a workout in!

Then…. Jayson retired. And I took the opportunity to sleep more and push things back in the day if I wanted to. Sleeping in was the luxury choice I always wanted, and fully took advantage of. Sleep=Bliss

WELL, that’s not working for me anymore. So Jayson and I have challenged one another to get up at 5 am, do our workout, and… get the day started BEFORE our kids wake up.

Challenge accepted my friends. Day one – a success.

Let’s see if I can train myself to be a morning person again.

‪#‎togetherwearebetter‬ ‪#‎keepusaccountableplease‬!