Carlos's Transformation - P90X & Shakeology


Think Shakeology is just for woman looking to shed a little weight??  WRONG!  Real men drink Shakeology.  Seriously.  If Popeye was real I bet you anything he would be drinking Shakeology instead of spinach.  ;)  But since Popeye isn’t real, guess we will have to use Carlos as an example of a real man drinking Shakeology.  Check out what Carlos has to say…
“Shakeology has been critical for me. I take it every single day without fail and it has been a huge factor in my overall health. Shakeology has been a factor in reducing my blood pressure, providing me with the energy I need for my daily, active schedule. I’ve also learned about the importance of taking vitamins and minerals. It is essential for your metabolism, muscle growth, neurology and everything else when it comes to health.” -Carlos Hurtado, 30, Rev Abs/ P90X grad
So there you have it!  If YOU are ready to be a real life Popeye the sailor man and get your Shakeology on, click the banner below to get started!