Born to Make and Impact

Have you ever felt like your life has a DIVINE PURPOSE….. but you aren’t sure HOW to fulfill that?  

I grew sad. I was severely depressed even as a kid. But I remember my mom reassuring me that it was ALL for a purpose. She told me that I would someday CONQUER my depression and BECAUSE of that struggle I would be in a position to connect with people no one else could.  

Through all the trials in my life I’ve held onto that idea my mom fed me as a kid. The idea that my trials weren’t only for MY benefit, but an opportunity to inspire others.  

When I first heard about Beachbody coaching I was SO HESITANT. I didn’t want to sell! I know I’m a horrible salesman! LOL. But I felt this INNER DRAW to this, I just knew this is what I should be doing. So I just threw out the whole idea of “SELLING”.  

I focused on being OPEN and REAL and just sharing my life with others. And an odd thing started happening. People were telling me I was inspiring them.  

I’ll never forget one particular message from a FB friend. She told me that she was waking up early and getting in her scripture study and running on the treadmill before her kids woke up. She said she was eating healthier and had lost some weight. She told me it was my posts that had inspired her to make those changes and she wanted to thank me!  

When I read her message on Facebook I cried.  

To think I could INSPIRE someone to do something they wouldn’t have done otherwise? WOW. It confirmed to me ALL the reasons why I LOVE being a coach.  

~ To know I can be a positive influence in the world. 
~ To know my choices and behaviors could INSPIRE others.  
~ To be in a position to really ASSIST someone to change their life.  
~ To give HOPE.  

I have absolutely LOVED being a coach. Who cares that the business structure is called “network marketing”?! I mean it has brought us financial freedom BECAUSE it’s structured as a network marketing company. But I had PASSION for this business LONG before I was making money. It’s on of the most FULFILLING things I have ever done IN.MY.LIFE.  

You might read this post and feel you can relate. Maybe you KNOW your life was meant for more than what you’ve been doing. Maybe you’ve been through some hard experiences and felt that same underlying feeling I did – that it was all for a great PURPOSE.  

If that’s you….. message me. I’m opening up a new coach apprentice program and would LOVE to explain how to this business works and see if coaching is the right fit for you!  

But whether you decide to be a coach or not know this….. you were BORN TO MAKE AN IMPACT