Body Bashing - STOP IT!


I remember growing up with my little sister and she was always so confident as a child!!  I think most children are confident like that.  But my sister seemed to have an extra dose of confidence.  She would get a compliment and respond with a simple, “I know”.  It always took people by surprise.  I think they were expecting at least a “thank you”.... but my sister just agreed and that’s all she needed to say.  She knew she looked good!  Plain and simple!
My little sister’s confidence was humorous to us  growing up.  But as my little sister has grown up – she has become a GREAT example to me of someone with a healthy body image.  No surprise that my little sister is still one of the most confident people I know.  There’s a lot of factors that play into that, but I believe her ability to ACCEPT a compliment has reinforced that healthy body image.

It goes without saying then that body bashing, and rejecting compliments reinforces a NEGATIVE and POOR body image.

So my tip of the day is to STOP TEARING YOURSELF DOWN!  Learn to take a compliment!  It will reinforce POSITIVE body image and that is a good thing.

That is all.