Hi!  👋

My name is Brigitte Linford and YEP- I’m a Beachbody coach.  

Being a coach doesn’t mean I’m perfect.  

Being a coach doesn’t mean I eat perfect every single day of my life.  

And it doesn’t mean I walk around happy go lucky every moment of my life. 

Being a coach means I’m willing to share my journey and what has worked for me to overcome obstacles! It means I’m willing to be a listening ear when someone is struggling to reach their goals. It means I’m committed to growth and being the best I can be. And I’m committed to assisting other people on THEIR journey to a healthier more fulfilling life.  

I use to shy away from claiming “I’m a coach”. But it was limiting beliefs associated with that word, and a slew of insecurities that held me back.  

So today ~~~~> I boldly claim it.  

>> I AM A COACH. <<

If you are looking to grow a business at home, start your health and fitness journey, or you’re looking for a community of like minded individuals who are focused on growth and service and setting goals and crushing them——— I got your back. 😎

A Beachbody coach.