Tips to Mastering that 'TO DO' list

Confession!!✨ Sometimes I find my mind RACING with all the things I need to get done. I have even be known to sit at the computer with a blank stare, stumped with what to do next. 

Today as I get ready to speak on the next National Wake Up call, prep for a week away from the family, finalize my Summit presentation, and set up the new challenge group and new series of coach training groups that are all starting next week I have felt a little stretched. 

Enter learning opportunity!! How can I overcome this feeling and MASTER this so it’s not an issue?? Here’s my game plan. 

- I cleared off my desk space. STUFF everywhere just clutters my head. 

- Two words- SALT LAMP. Google all the benefits of a salt lamp and trust me- they are awesome. 

- I pulled out my oils and diffuser! DoTerra’s BALANCE and WILD ORANGE are the scents running now. I know health food stores all carry oils so don’t feel it has to be DoTerra. That’s just what my mom has given me and what I’ve had experience with.  They work though! 

- I made a to-do list. My mind gets cluttered when I haven’t taken the time to WRITE THINGS DOWN. When it’s all bouncing around up there it swells up into a bigger task then it really is. Identifying most important things to be done first is KEY! 

- I set a timer! I’m putting the timer in ten minute increments and giving myself ten minutes to see what I can get done. This keeps me from wasting time cuz I’m “on the clock”. 

- I read through some motivational quotes. I have Louise Hay’s Wisdom Cards and a black and gold quote deck from Target that I keep on my desk. I’m a quote junkie and love reading the nuggets of truth! Especially when I need a little nudge to kept pressing forward. 

- And I have to say fresh flowers never hurt either.  ðŸ˜ðŸ’ If you’ve found a good man who will randomly buy you flowers when he takes all the kids grocery shopping at Costco- then consider yourself pretty lucky. â€ª#‎ifoundagoodone‬ ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜Ž

Quick little REFOCUS moment for me and I’m ready to dive back in and make some magic.  âœŒðŸ¼ Just had to share in case anyone else has ever felt this way! ðŸ™ŒðŸ¼ If you have messaged me about my next challenge group or coach training group I’ll be responding here soon!  ðŸ“²