Yesterday to do “my best” meant waking up at 5 am to do my workout before a flight lesson at 7:30. 

Today “my best” looks like getting the kids off to school and doing my workout then with my husband. 

I know I’m in competition without no one else but ME. But I use to take that to mean every single day I need to be better than the day before. In every.single.aspect. of the day. That’s kind of hard you know? 

That perfectionist mentality lead to a lot of self shaming. If I EVER slept in….. Well the day before I got up super early- so shame shame shame. If I EVER had a cheat meal, well the day before I was great on nutrition! So shame shame shame. 

Self shaming doesn’t motivate one to be better! It motivates one to not even try. Wanna hear how I phrase things now in my mind?

“How can I be my best TODAY? With today’s circumstances, influences, and events, how can I make the most of this moment moving forward?”

I may have done better with my alarm clock yesterday. I stayed up too late, and got up in the middle of the night as one of my kids woke up crying from a nightmare. So I choose to sleep in. Should I shame myself and get down on myself? No. I can still do my best today with today’s set of influences and events. And tomorrow I’ll do my best with the influences and events tomorrow will bring. 

• To me, that is doing “my best”.  

• To me, that is the epitome of KEEPMOVINGFORWARD. 

Still focus on doing your best! But know your “best” will change day to day. 



PS- Jayson doesn’t just look like he’s in pain, he is. Haha. Tough workout today!!