One of the things I have loved about being a Beachbody coach is that it never feels like work, it’s something I have so much PASSION for. The only downside to that?? Since it doesn’t feel like work, and I have so much passion for what I’m doing- it’s so easy for me to think about it constantly!

But one thing I’ve learned is God speaks to me when my mind is CLEAR. Couple weeks ago I realized there are so many things God has been trying to tell me my whole life, but I was making myself too mentally BUSY to listen. When I’m willing to be STILL, be PRESENT in the moment, and be self aware of the impressions I’m getting….... That’s when I learn the most.

So, I’ve been on a mission to BE PRESENT in everything I do.

I’ve finalized a systematic to-do list that works for me, and now I literally “clock in” for work time using a handy time tracker app. Amazing how “being on the clock” keeps me so efficient! Then when my list is done- I clock out and my phone goes on airplane mode.


Yesterday I could tell it was working as I was at the park with Jayson and the kids for a couple hours — laying on the grass looking at clouds, riding bikes, swinging on the swings, playing make believe, and just talking. I was IN THE MOMENT, just enjoying my family, and it felt good.