Are you a podcast fan?


podcastIf not, it’s time to hop on the boat my friends! There’s a free podcast app you can download on your smart phone. Download it, and do a search for Chalene Johnson. She runs these podcasts and I’ve been listening to one each morning these past few days and I am LOVING them. ...The one I listened to this morning was all about productivity. I would like to think I’m pretty organized and effective with my time, but still- so much room for improvement. I was so inspired listening to this podcast! I just spent the last thirty minutes making my to-do list and brainstorming ways to grow my business and help my team of coaches.

I AM ON A MISSION! Determined to have the most productive day ever. It’s so important to me to continue learning all the little ways I can work SMARTER, not harder.

Cuz for ME, I believe in working hard SO I can play hard – aka- spend MORE time with my family. Time to get stuff done!!