All great changes are preceded by chaos


10858403_10204074449833979_2956964189817716567_nHave you even been in the midst of spring cleaning and noticed how everything just got WORSE in the process of deep cleaning?That’s how I feel EVERY time. I empty out all the shelves, cabinets and drawers to wipe them down, and the house is all a clutter. But when I’m DONE......It’s the best feeling ever. Right now, my house is cluttered, but I’m not spring cleaning. We are painting and getting ready for some new office furniture. But as I look around my office at the CLUTTER that surrounds me I am reminded of this quote:

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

Building my Beachbody business, remodeling our old house, moving to Arizona, even getting married and having kids. Every GREAT positive change I have had in my life has come with it- hard times. Moments where I was REALLY really uncomfortable. Times where I wondered “what did I get myself into?!!” Lol.

But it’s ALL good news. How else can I grow if I’m seeking out the paths of least resistance? I’m learning the value in being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

So guess I should say…...Bring on the chaos.