Adopt a "Never-The-Less" Attitude

I have always been motivated by FACTS and approached life wanting to see things for the way they really are.  

When I looked at people who just NATURALLY thought positively I couldn’t help but think – “But they are living in lala land! They are ignoring reality!” 

But these last few days it’s really hit me hard that I get to add a KEY PHRASE to the end of my observations about life. 

>>>>> “NEVER THE LESS” <<<<<

It’s like a magical phrase that allows you to acknowledge reality, and yet leave the door open for another perspective and possibility. 

“I may not have reached my goals like I wanted to, NEVER THE LESS I know God planted in me this vision for a reason, it is my destiny!”

“I may not be where I want to be with my health and fitness, NEVER THE LESS I am headed in the right direction.”

“I may have lost my temper with my kids yesterday, NEVER THE LESS I see an opportunity to ask for forgiveness both with others and with myself, and I know I’m capable of patience!”

What observations are you making right now about your life? Try it out! Add a NEVER THE LESS to the end of your statement and let your mind wander with POSSIBILITIES, ideas of what could be. 

You may not be where you want to be RIGHT NOW. Neither am I. You have flaws and weaknesses you desire to change. NEVER THE LESS – you have GIFTS and SKILLS and TALENTS and UNIQUE EXPERIENCES that have shaped you into an incredibly AWESOME human being with magnificent potential. 

You are someone who is moving FORWARD
Don’t discredit the potential you carry within.