Did you know I owned P90X for five years before I actually completed the program?  

I had the DVD’s, I had the meal plan, I had plenty of TOOLS to assist me in seeing results. And yet, even with the knowledge of what I needed to do to see results, I was STILL overweight.  

What made the difference for me was finding a COMMUNITY. I surrounded myself with others who had similar goals, and it kept my goal front and center! To know I wasn’t alone in my pursuit for a healthier lifestyle made all the difference for me. It kept me motivated to continue taking ACTION!  

That’s what lead me to coaching.  

I’m not an expert. I’m not going to pretend I hold all the secrets. But what I LOVE doing is CONNECTING people. I love inviting people who I see have a goal to live a healthier lifestyle and CONNECTING them with others who feel the same way. That’s when the magic happens.  wink emoticon

I run these groups because they bring RESULTS.  

I run these groups because being in a community of like minded people is far more powerful than most give credit.  

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you KNOW what you should be doing to see different results. You’ve tried to live a healthier lifestyle before and didn’t stick with it. You’re looking for a COMMUNITY of people who will do nothing but encourage, uplift, and support.  

Well….. you’re not alone. I have a PRETTY AMAZING group of people in a group right now and we are starting a fitness support group next week. So if you’re looking for that community here’s your chance to take action!