One of the FIRST things that drew me into my husband was his mind, the way he thinks. 

He has always seen things differently then others, he focuses on the potential. 

He did that even in his views of me. Where I viewed myself so lowly, Jayson was the one CONSTANTLY feeding me with the idea that I have value, I have something to offer, I have gifts that no one else has. 

Jayson Linford told me I had value for years and years, and that’s how he treated me. And finally, about 8 years into our marriage I subscribed to that idea. I saw myself differently for the first time in 29 years, but largely BECAUSE someone else saw that greatness in me first. 

I think I’ve done a good job the past ten days staying busy. 

I’ve completed a ton of projects around the house and gotten a lot of work done! I juggled my business and all of the three kids’ activities pretty darn well. ‪#‎GoMe‬ 🙌


I asked why there were some many halfway built buildings that were abandoned and just left this way.

I was told that these were not abandoned. In fact in a lot of cases these are people’s dream homes they are building. But it just takes a long time in some cases because they don’t have mortgages here so when it is built it is payed for. So they work on it when they have the money and time to do it and so it takes longer.

This is the epitome of life isn’t it??

We have no idea what we are really looking at when we see a house or a person do we??

We might look at someone and see a beat down person and feel pity or disgust for their circumstance or situation but they might be working on their dream.

Now as I see these homes that speckle the landscape here I see them as becomes of hope and promise rather than despair. May we see the potential of our brothers and sisters on this earth the same way. When we look at another person we see them in there divine light rather than what situation they Are in. -JAYSON LINFORD

I have to say I’m so so grateful Jayson has had the opportunity to have this experience. I see a LIGHT and EXCITEMENT in his photos and videos and it makes me happy. 

But…... I will say absence DEFINITELY makes the heart grow fonder. 

Looking forward to having him home.