I didn’t start my coaching business with a great amount of SKILL and KNOWLEDGE.

No….. I’m the girl who got kicked out of college. Twice.

I literally had NO CLUE what I was doing when I signed up.

I had never read a business book. I had no idea how to use social media. I thought Instagram was only there for filters. I was a very private person. I had 200 friends on Facebook, but I never ever posted. In fact, I posted ONE TIME the entire year before I signed up as a coach. And that was when my daughter was born. lol.

But what I did have….. a willingness to LEARN. I saw an opportunity to turn my life experiences into learning opportunities for others. Which, for me, helped me make sense of all the trials and failures and heartache. I knew my life could be one of PURPOSE if I could only INSPIRE someone by sharing what I’ve learned.

I am so grateful God didn’t look at my ::CURRENT ABILITY::, or my track record. He could see my heart and my desire to live a life of MEANING & PURPOSE.

I am so so grateful for this crazy little journey I’m on. I have learned so much in the process. And continue to learn something new everyday.