The Power of a 'Spot' to just BE.

Let me introduce you to “my spot”. 

In our backyard there’s several big trees that line the back wall. Between two of them there’s a big space. 

There I have a hammock. A super comfy hammock. (find it HERE)

And wind chimes. Hippie wind chimes. There’s a string in the middle with a crystal for each chakra. And each cylinder is a different length to create a different note, each note correlating again with each chakra. It makes the most soothing sound. ­čŹâ

get it HERE

This is my spot. 

This is where I meditate. 

This is where I dive in to scripture study and personal development.  Currently reading this amazing book about leadership…

get it HERE

This is where I learn. 

This is where I feel assurance that God is very present and aware of me, peace with the life path I am on, and a humble awareness of the things I can do to BE the person God sees me as.