8 star Official!


Its the end of the year and I think everyone has that natural tendency to look over the past year and gage how things are going. You think about the goals you set last year and ask yourself- “Have I progressed? Am I really moving FORWARD? Or am I still in the exact same spot I was last year?”
0036764f65bd6e9e7c427f1f22f21fb4 It’s exciting to look over the events of 2013 and KNOW we are definitely ending out the year better than we started. The future for my little family is looking a LOT more promising than it has in years past! And for that I am extremely grateful.I am grateful for God’s blessings. I can see how so many events of this past year have brought me closer to God and closer to my husband and my kids. There’s so many people I have met this past year that are great blessings to me. But at this time I have to give a little post of gratitude for two special people- my mentors Scottie Hobbs and Lindsay Matway.When I joined this Beachbody business I really had no clue what I was joining. Scottie Hobbs was the ONLY coach I knew in the Beachbody network. And I saw his success and decided to join his team. Little did I know I would literally be learning from the BEST of the best. I’m a part of the number one team in Beachbody and the fastest growing team out there!! We have the best training and guidance, and it’s not a coincidence that so many people on our team are having success. My direct upline is Scottie Hobbs and he’s number 6 right now out of 140,000 coaches. And directly above him there’s Lindsay Matway who’s number ONE in the entire network. She’s also a 15 star diamond coach, the very highest rank you can achieve in Beachbody. Crazy huh.I feel this past year and a half I have focused on learning every little thing I can from these two coaches and other top coaches in the network, and putting their advice to the test by applying it in my own business. And the result is – my business has taken off! It’s been a good year to say the least.

But this NEXT year my focus is to help MY coaches have the same year I’ve had THIS year. I want as many people as possible to experience the joy that comes from truly helping somebody change their LIFE. It’s the best feeling in the world!!! To know you’ve impacted someone else’s life in a positive way, and earn a darn good income from doing so…. It’s the best of both worlds. A chance to be significant AND successful.

I have a coach training camp in place that WORKS, and more and more coaches on my team are starting to really take off. It’s EXCITING to see my coaches duplicating what I’ve done! And even more exciting to know there are MORE rockstars that will joining my team in the next few weeks. I know there are people THINKING about this right now, and contemplating joining Team Forward Fitness. (In fact, if you’re still reading this novel post it might just be YOU. Lol.) I know I personally spent weeks thinking this over before I ever contacted my coach. Haha. And I can’t wait to meet those individuals who are ready to improve their quality of life, and help THEM see success in 2014.

Mark my words…. This next year you’re going to see a LOT of Team Forward Fitness coaches stepping up in leadership positions! Our organization is still YOUNG, but I see the talent and passion on my team, and we have that MOMENTUM. 2014 is going to be an epic year!!!