40 months ago I took a leap of faith and signed up as a Beachbody coach.  

Truth be told, I had no clue what I was doing. But I knew, above all else, I was willing to learn.  

I learned through trial and error for SURE. I learned from watching other coaches and listening to their advice. And I have learned from putting myself in opportunities of growth… reading books, attending seminars, and investing in online academies. Learning from others’ successes? Definitely something that has made a difference. 

And so it continues. I know I have much to learn! Good news is I’m aware of that, and COMMITTED to continually moving FORWARD. Our team has been an ELITE team in the top of this network for 2 years, we have hit the highest rank possible, and so many on our team are six figure earners.  

BUT I know there is still room for growth. Dreams to be made, goals to accomplish!!  

So no matter how busy I may be- THIS {sitting down to focus on personal development} it is a priority for me. 

This afternoon as I read through this book, my mind is RACING with ideas for a leadership mastermind with the leaders on my team. Butterflies in my stomach, visions of the POSSIBILITIES and GROWTH that could come from this——— AGHHHHH!!!!! —— It’s exciting when the ideas flow and things comes together!!!!  

It’s true- as a team we have accomplished some PRETTY AMAZING things. But get ready Forward Fitness coaches!!!! I have some ideas for propelling things forward EVEN MORE.  

You ain’t seen nothing YET.