You Are In Control


“I am in control of the results I am seeing in my life.”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. 

Last night my daughter had a melt down and after a whole little “ordeal” she kept telling me she was being punished and “life wasn’t fair”. It took awhile, but after talking with her for 45 minutes she was able to see she was experiencing the RESULTS of her choices. But she was in control, and had been the whole time. No one was dominating over her with a punishment. 

I shared with my daughter how it took me YEARS to grasp that concept. 

I shared with my daughter how I use to eat poorly and didn’t exercise. And I would complain and complain about how I didn’t feel good. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. And I felt as if I was being punished. Life wasn’t fair!! Why couldn’t I eat whatever unhealthy foods I want and be lazy and still feel energetic and full of life? 

One day I finally got it- I was simply experiencing the RESULTS from choices I was making! 

Here’s the thing…. as hard as I work at it, I still have negative thoughts enter my mind and selfish tendencies. I catch myself with limiting beliefs more times than I’d like to admit. And I admit there’s a lot of unhealthy foods that taste good to me. 🍕🍦🍫😋 I also like sleeping in and being lazy. 💤

But I do NOT like the results of those choices. And I’ve learned {the hard way} that you can’t separate choices and the results they bring. 

If I want the result of GOOD HEALTH and energy and well being- I get to move my body and eat nutritious foods. 

If I want the result of having a positive day and feeling excited about life and feeling close to God- I get to immerse myself in personal development and uplifting podcasts. 

Luckily I can do BOTH in just 25 minutes. ⏰🏼 I can workout at home, skip the drive time to a gym where I wander around from machine to machine for an hour. Nah—- personal trainer in my home showing me how to get an effective workout done in 25 minutes! And I simply turn down the TV and play a podcast on my iPad while I work out. 

Strengthen my mind. 💡📚 Strengthen my body. 🏃🏼💪🏼 All because I like the RESULTS of those choices. 

🌀 I have the power to change the results I see in my life. 🌀 And guess what? ———-> You do too.  😉🙌🏼💃🏻