Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

I can no longer say I don’t take any medication.  

>>>>> HUMBLE MOMENT <<<<<

Here’s where I get to be super honest with everyone, pull back the curtain, and admit to the things I’ve been struggling with. And I apologize now for the novel.  

I’m aware I haven’t shared my fitness journey on social media like I did as a brand new coach. Reason being ……. I haven’t felt my BEST.  

It was easy to talk about health and fitness when I was feeling AMAZING! So much ENERGY! I am CONFIDENT! Everything in my closet fits! I FEEL THE BEST I EVER HAVE SO I MUST TELL THE WORLD!!

That was then, now…… I’ve been chasing that.  

I’ve gained weight. 15 lbs to be precise from when I felt my best. I’ve been tired. REALLY tired. An overall lack of energy. It didn’t change OVERNIGHT. More like a progressive turn downhill over the past year and a half.  

Here I am, a health coach, and I’m struggling with my own energy levels and weight gain and it’s totally messed with my head! I blamed my diet, blamed it on the Arizona heat, not enough water, not enough sleep, etc. But over the last year I have dialed in on taking care of ME. Lots of sleep, plenty of water, strict diet, adjusting my nutrition to cut out this or that to see if it makes a difference. And STILL – I had that underlying feeling of “I just don’t feel good.”  

After months of telling my husband “I just don’t feel right, I am OVERLY tired, this can’t be normal”, I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. 

They tested for a lot of things. A couple tests, some blood work done, and the verdict is in……. ::: Hypothyroidism :::  

My thyroid gland isn’t producing nearly enough thyroid hormone. The doctor told me 60% of woman develop this as they get older. But only 10% of men? Over 3 million US cases per year.  

Part of me is so grateful this isn’t all just in my head and there’s a REASON for why I’ve been feeling the way I have, it explains a lot.  

And really, I know this is NOT a big deal. With a simple pill everyday my doctor says I’ll be fine. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t a life changing event.  

And yet, a big part of me feels a PIT in my stomach. The Dr says I’ll be taking this pill everyday for the rest of my life. Even as the symptoms go away and I get my energy back and the weight comes off, this doesn’t go away – I will still need to take this little pill every single day.  

~~ Lump in my throat. ~~

Raw point for me because it reminds me of my diagnosis 12 years ago as I sat in a mental hospital and the doctors told me I needed to be on these MULTIPLE strong medications, most likely for life. I was diagnosed and labeled as bipolar, I had SEVERE depression, and I was given medications that my doctor now says might be a factor in this hypothyroidism.

At my core – I just wanted to be someone who DIDN’T need a pill to function. I wanted to be someone who didn’t need a pill to FEEL GOOD.

I worked SO HARD to get off my anti depressant medications. I worked HARD so I wouldn’t “need” doctors. I learned about EFT {tapping}, worked with oils, dense nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga, focused on my testimony and relationship with God, immersed in personal development, learned about chakras and all sorts of hippie things to heal NATURALLY. And to be told my body needs a PILL everyday for the rest of my life? ….. it hits a nerve, lame as that may sound to others.  

It’s not my ideal. Not what I would have chosen. But it is what it is. So I’ll do what I know how to do in less than ideal stations. Pull myself up. Identify the lessons God has in this experience. Find something to be grateful for. And move FORWARD.  

I wanted to share where I’m at and my journey here because I think so often people DON’T listen to their body. They don’t feel good, they know something isn’t right, but they feel silly speaking up to say “I DON’T FEEL GOOD!! SOMETHING isn’t right here!” They feel almost SELFISH to say “I know things can be better”.  

Well, you matter. You deserve to feel good. You get to be the number 1 advocate for your health and well being. Don’t ever stop working for better health!  

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter if you are crawling, walking, or sprinting….. remember your BEST may change day to day. Just KEEP MOVING FORWARD. And I’ll do the same.