Have you ever heard of the “2 bite rule”??

It’s the rule that keeps me from falling off the wagon come holiday season. 🎃🍂🎄

Studies have shown that when you’re eating the most SATISFYING bite is the first bite, and the last. 

So ditch the bites in between! 💡 When you see something you REALLY want and you’re going to feel deprived if you avoid it- take two bites. Enjoy it. And you’re good.  👊🏼

Tonight I had 15 young girls from church at my house to make Christmas cookies.  ‪#‎ActivityDays‬ We made these candy pretzels that I love!! Carmel, chocolate, and pretzels? Perfection.  👌🏼

So two bites it is. Luckily I can stuff in one per bite. Ha!  😉‪#‎sneakysneaky‬

Whatever works right?!! 

Anyone else use the 2 bite rule when it comes to treats and desserts? Think it would work for you?