15 Star Diamond!!


A week and a half ago was my TWO YEAR anniversary as a Beachbody coach.  It’s crazy to think back to when I first took that HUGE leap of faith and signed up as a coach.  I was scared.  I had NO CLUE what I was doing.  I remember being so worried because I’m a HORRIBLE “salesman” and I have a track record of failure.
The thing is I’ve been through a lot sorrows, I’ve had a lot of trials in my life.  But eventually I had a huge awakening and realized that the only one holding myself back was ME!

I knew God wanted to bless me, so I decided to get OUT of the way.  I felt this great desire to live up to my OWN potential, but also help those around me to remember their OWN great worth.  And while I was SCARED to be a coach, I could see Beachbody was an opportunity to do just that.

I had NO IDEA how it would all work out.  But I trusted in God and prayed every single day that people would be guided to me who were READY.  And I know without a doubt that EACH ONE of these coaches were brought to me because they were READY to live up to their great potential, and inspire others to do the same.

So, today, as I advance my business to the highest rank you can achieve in Beachbody, I’d like to recognize the AMAZING leaders of Team Forward Fitness behind this 15 Star Diamond rank.




••Mindy Rose (2 Star Diamond).  I met Mindy on Facebook through a mutual friend and she was my first diamond, AND my first STAR diamond coach!  Mindy has DEFINITELY helped shape this team to what it is today.  She is a team player, a loyal friend to everyone, and her commitment to honor her priorities keeps me in check!


••Leah Meacham (1 Star Diamond).  Leah and I went to High School together so we go way back.  When she joined Beachbody she just wanted a discount as she joined a fitness challenge group.  MONTHS later she decided to host her own group and the rest is history!  Leah is someone I can be myself around and just laugh and have fun with.  Everybody loves Leah!


••Anna Zobell (Diamond).  Anna actually lives down the street from me and we met at church!  Anna is one of the BUSIEST people I know.  She built this business while working full time as a nurse, and going to school for her Masters Degree as a nurse practitioner.  And yet Anna is one of the most CONSISTENT coaches I have when it comes to the business building behavior.  I always know I can count on Anna to give this her all.


••Karen Walker (1 Star Qualifying Diamond).  Karen and I have been through a lot.  She was one of my first diamonds and she’s had LOTS of opportunities to forgive me as I have learned through trial and error.  ;)  I admire Karen’s STRENGTH.  She has a natural ability to INSPIRE as people just naturally follow her lead.  She’s what you would call a born leader.


••Amber Marshall (1 Star Diamond).  Did you know even if you home school your three kids and your husband is in school, you can STILL build a significant income with Beachbody?  It’s true!  Amber is PROOF that you don’t have to let this take over your life, you can just have fun with it and it will grow.  I admire Amber’s commitment to her team and her witty sense of humor.


••Breezie Bitter (2 Star Diamond).  Breezie has only been a coach for 9 months and she’s already reached a rank that only a small percentage of people ever get to!  But I know she’s not stopping there.  She has an incredible work ethic and PASSION for this business.  She has done a phenomenal job leading her team too.


••Jennifer Hulet (Diamond).  Jennifer was another one of my very first challengers that just wanted to lose weight.  She’s not only lost 60 lbs, but she’s totally changed from the inside out!  And I’m not the only who has noticed, her whole family has been inspired and they are following in her footsteps.  What greater gift can you offer those you love.  :)


••Jayson Linford (Diamond).  I may be the one coaching the coaches placed beneath my husband, but he most CERTAINLY deserves some recognition.  Jayson believed in long before I believed in myself.  It’s like he just KNEW all along what I was capable of, and the moment I thought “HEY, I’d like to do something with my life.” he has been the biggest supporter.  When I had doubts, or times of frustration – he’s been the one to lift me up.


••Morgan Gunter (Diamond).  Morgan was a referral from a mutual friend and I can’t WAIT to meet her in person at Summit!  She is determined and teachable.  Morgan is a pretty new coach and yet I can already tell she’s going to achieve FAR GREATER things than even she realizes right now.  I have told my husband so many times that Morgan reminds me so much of ME.  And hopefully she takes that as a compliment.  haha.


••Katie Batham  (Diamond).  Katie is someone who has had a DRASTIC turnaround mentally!  She set an initial goal to be a Ruby coach by her 1 year anniversary, and to be a diamond coach by her 2 year anniversary.  And she went diamond in 90 days.  ;)  haha.  That’s the power of realizing what you’re TRULY capable of!  Katie is very business minded, very organized and just gets in and goes to work.  I can always count on Katie.


••Melissa Reber  (1 Star Diamond).  I met Missy on Facebook through a mutual friend and instantly connected.  It only took me inviting her like NINE times to be a coach before she said yes.  haha.  One thing I love about Melissa is how she leads with LOVE in everything she does.  She is fiercely loyal to the team and is the first one to encourage and welcome the other coaches on the team.  She has added so much value to the team and I know so many coaches on the team look up to her.


••Kacia Fitzgerald (Diamond).  Kacia is my little Instagram stalker!  lol.  She randomly ordered through my site one day without talking to me first.  So I reached out to her and instantly knew I had hit the jackpot!  This girl has SPUNK.  She truly cares about every single individual she works with, and I am inspired to see her building her business with integrity and PASSION.


••Nina Walker (1 Star Diamond).  Nina is my angel!  When I first met Nina on Facebook I thought I had this unique opportunity to inspire and help her.  But I think I’ve learned more from HER than the other way around.  Nina is a strong quiet servant leader.  She really focuses on her team, and all our conversations are about how she can better show up for them.  She has a huge heart and passion for life.  She has inspired ME to take my personal development to a higher level and I will forever be grateful for that!


••Cari Mugleston (Diamond).  Although Cari lives in the same town as me, we met through Facebook.  And I ADORE her!  I’m pretty sure Cari is the one EVERYONE turns to when they are having a hard time.  She just has a way of lifting other people up.  She is so easy to get along with and it’s no wonder why she’s been successful as a coach.  She is a people person!  And who WOULDN’T want to do business with Cari.  :)


••Becky Gomez (Diamond).  I met Becky through Facebook and instantly I knew this girl would be a PHENOMENAL coach.  After doing a few fitness challenge groups with me Becky decided to be a coach.  But she didn’t build a team for the first couple months.  When I got to meet Becky in person at our Winter Retreat I could see things shifting for her!  She came home and went from zero to diamond shortly after.  It’s so fun seeing Becky grow and inspire those around her!  She is a hard worker and very consistent.


SO proud of all these coaches.  I love each and every one of them!!  And I LOVE this company.  I have had SO MANY calls all day long from different members of Beachbody corporate.  They even sent me these gorgeous flowers.  How cool is that?!  THANK YOU Carl, Jeff, Michael, and Jon.  I am so grateful to be a Beachbody coach.  <3