One of the things I have loved about being a Beachbody coach is that it never feels like work, it’s something I have so much PASSION for. The only downside to that?? Since it doesn’t feel like work, and I have so much passion for what I’m doing- it’s so easy for me to think about it constantly!

But one thing I’ve learned is God speaks to me when my mind is CLEAR. Couple weeks ago I realized there are so many things God has been trying to tell me my whole life, but I was making myself too mentally BUSY to listen. When I’m willing to be STILL, be PRESENT in the moment, and be self aware of the impressions I’m getting….... That’s when I learn the most.

So, I’ve been on a mission to BE PRESENT in everything I do.

I’ve finalized a systematic to-do list that works for me, and now I literally “clock in” for work time using a handy time tracker app. Amazing how “being on the clock” keeps me so efficient! Then when my list is done- I clock out and my phone goes on airplane mode.


Yesterday I could tell it was working as I was at the park with Jayson and the kids for a couple hours — laying on the grass looking at clouds, riding bikes, swinging on the swings, playing make believe, and just talking. I was IN THE MOMENT, just enjoying my family, and it felt good.  

Come What May


I knew I needed to come on this trip. And I knew I needed to prepare for this trip both mentally and spiritually.


Truthfully- I thought the prompting to “prepare” was because I have always gotten overwhelmed in big crowds. I take on the energies of those around me, and I get drained.


But oh how I have learned on this tip!! One thing I learned is that no one can take anything away from me without my permission. Not even my energy. I have a choice!! It may sound so silly and simple- but that AHA moment right there alone is life changing for me. I love people. And I’ve given myself the label that I’m an “outgoing introvert”. I believed I needed to be alone to get energy. And being around people drains energy. But that’s not truth!



I do get to be alone to meditate, ground myself, and surround myself in light. The spirit speaks when I am still, and I get to be STILL because my spirit craves that closeness with God. But the truth is I can choose to let people drain me, or I can choose otherwise. But I don’t have to be scared anymore to be in large crowds. I get to choose.


That’s just one big life changing AHA moment, but I’ve had so many. Every single day, each lesson in the perfect progression.

Now I know I was being told to prepare for this trip because God had so many things to tell me here. Truths He has wanted to tell me my whole life, but I wasn’t ready to listen.

Whenever I catch a glimpse into the master plan that is going on behind scenes- I am in awe. Everything that happens truly IS for my highest good.

So come what may. I don’t “need” to plan and be in control of everything. God is oh so gracious and kind. I feel an abundance of His love for me, and I am grateful. All is well.




Filled with Gratitude


brigitte gratitude postToday I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude to know STRONG WOMEN.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Strong women are the ones that BUILD one another up instead of tearing one other down. And NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had such a COMMUNITY of strong women in my life.
I met one on a cruise last year, Emma Lee Whaley, and we became good friends. She just came to stay with her family at our house for a couple days and MAN I love that girl! Made me so happy to see our kids get along so well too.  
Then, this morning I had a video chat with my mastermind group.  Seay Eyles StanfordElizabeth Hartke, and Kristina Delgado are my masterminds, some ladies in the Beachbody network that I brainstorm ideas with. And again, I have so much respect for each one of these ladies.
There’s so many though that I have met along the way that I just adore and have so much admiration for!
I just think it’s UNIQUE to have met so many ladies in this Beachbody community that have a sincere desire for me to do well, they encourage me and hold me accountable.


There’s no competition, just support. It’s no surprise to me that each one of the friends I mentioned are TOP COACHES in this network. They are there for good reason.
It’s pretty cool that Beachbody attracts STRONG WOMEN. For that, I am grateful.  

5 Ways to Kiss Fear & Doubt Goodbye


Can I be honest with you guys? I apologize for the novel, but I’m having an AHA moment and feel it might benefit someone else if shared.


Lately I’ve had various triggers going off in my life that for me, naturally spur on depression. Namely fear. One of the triggers is this prompting that it’s time to get a home loan and stop renting. I know my kids deserve that stability. But quite honestly? IT SCARES ME TO DEATH. We haven’t had a loan in over five years.


The last time we had a home loan we lost everything. We literally were facing homelessness. My heart still aches to think of the Christmas Mack and Andi got fruit snacks from the dollar store as their gifts. I thank God my kids were younger then cuz they didn’t know any better. They didn’t know WHY we had to move. They didn’t know why our cars were taken away, and why mommy was selling furniture online for a little bit of money.


But now?? My kids are older. NOW if that were to happen, my kids would know exactly what’s going on, and it could have a significant impact on who they are, and the sense of security they grow up with. As a mom, can I just say I don’t want to screw up my kids?? I don’t want to EVER go through what we went through before cuz it would be a HUGE DEAL for my kids now. They deserve better.


Renting or leasing has been the safe bet the past five years. And even though I feel it’s the right thing to apply for a home loan, I’m scared. That, plus some other big life decisions and changes, has brought to the surface a bundle of emotions.


I’ll be honest – I haven’t been responding to these resurfaced fears in the best way. I haven’t been the kind loving wife, or patient soft spoken mother that my family deserves. Enter GUILT. The number trigger for my good old friend ——> depression.


Just today I met up with my cousin for lunch as she’s in town for a few days. She said something that really hit a nerve. She pointed out that we get to honor the person that we WERE, because it got us to where we are today. So when we face old familiar triggers like fear or guilt or stepping into the unknown, we can HONOR the natural reactions that come up! Cuz those are the defense mechanisms that got us through the hard times. HONOR THE PERSON YOU WERE


We can acknowledge it, feel gratitude for that knee jerk reaction because it worked in the past, but recognize that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s needed anymore.


So right now, right here, as I sit in a parking lot in downtown Phoenix with tears streaming down my face, I’m choosing to show myself some mercy.


I’M JUST LEARNING. I’m learning how to TRUST the promptings from God. I’m learning how to HONOR and show gratitude for the natural reactions I’ve had that have assisted me in SURVIVING some pretty hard times in my life. And I’m learning how to choose DIFFERENT reactions so I can honor my life commitment to God to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.



I can do this. And you know what? You can too. You can RESPECT and HONOR the person you’ve been in the past and the survival mechanisms you’ve picked up along the way. And then you can acknowledge the opportunity to choose something different. No need for guilt or shame. Just keep moving forward.







Team Forward Fitness - Diamond Retreat


10405458_10203842675839774_3627495899359716797_nThe last six days have FLOWN by. I can’t believe our diamond retreat has come to an end!

I can’t help but think back to how this all started and how much has changed in the past few years. I mean I have only been coaching for two and a half years. And when I started coaching we were barely making ends meet! Going on a vacation once a year with my husband was something we saved for all year.

Even though it seemed unrealistic, I have DREAMED about going on a trip like this… with my future diamonds from the very beginning of my coaching career. I am beyond grateful I had this opportunity to do this for my team and have this experience with my coaches! And I was SO excited to give everyone a matching Lululemon jacket last night.

Every time I wear this jacket I will remember this vacation with my coaches, the memories we created together, and the hours of conversations.

So extremely grateful. This trip has been absolutely amazing.

Do you remember how much money you made at your first job?


1613889_10203780433363751_4816084541361784715_nI was just thinking about MY first job working at a roller skating rink, for $5.15 an hour. I was the one telling people to “Stop, turn around, and skate in the opposite direction.” lol. I felt I was a darn good employee so after being there for 6 months I asked for a ten cent raise. TEN CENTS. $5.25 an hour isn’t unreasonable is it…?!! It was the year 1999, not like I didn’t have friends earning way above that. WELL..... I was denied my ten cents.It bugged me so much I vowed to NEVER put myself in that kind of position again where SOMEONE ELSE had the power to determine MY worth. I never again worked for an hourly rate. On my team webinar last night I reflected on that experience in NOT getting a ten cent raise. I couldn’t help but think…. how many ADULTS are dealing with that today?! They have to ASK for raises, even small MINIMAL pay increases. They don’t get to just make the choice -“Hey I want more money so I’m going to get more money.”

Here’s a few stats for you guys. The first 3 months of 2013 I saw a 314% RAISE in my weekly paycheck. THREE MONTHS and my weekly paycheck tripled.

I decided that was lots of fun. So I decided to give myself another raise. The first 3 months of 2014 I saw a 210% RAISE in my weekly paycheck. That’s right….. three months passed, and my weekly income was DOUBLED.

In what other company or business structure can you DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income in just three months?!!!

Funny thing, that’s actually a common thing in this Beachbody world, at least on my team. So Facebook world…. consider this your PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. If you’d like to GIVE YOURSELF a raise – you can!!! You don’t HAVE to let someone else determine your worth. Why is that accepted as OK?? I don’t get it. There is another option people!! If you’d like to learn the strategies that I JUST shared last night on my team webinar as I showed my team how to maximize this last quarter of the year so they can give themselves a raise in the new year… well…. this is your invitation to join my team. I have a new coach training group starting MONDAY.

If you don’t want to join THE BEST TEAM EVER and get one-on-one mentoring from yours truly, no pressure. Your loss. But just remember THIS – You don’t HAVE to settle for other people’s perceptions of what you are worth. Know your worth, and NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS.

This whole Superstar event has been an experience I'll never forget.


247068_10203694517455907_3044528171727894200_nSo many thoughts running through my mind. Ways I can better ME, sharpen my business skills, ideas on how to perfect the art of empowering my coaches and ALL those who come to me wanting to live a healthier more fulfilling life. Visions of future possibilities. Ideas and questions on “how can I make everyone I meet feel as SPECIAL as Beachbody made me feel yesterday?” “What is it EXACTLY that I admire in the way Beachbody corporate runs their business? And how can I duplicate that myself with my team?”

So many thoughts. So many emotions and feelings. So inspired by the people I was lucky to surround myself with these past few days. So touched by the thoughtfulness of each personalized gift. So GRATEFUL for my team, the friendships I’ve made, the people I’ve met, this incredible opportunity.

With all these thoughts and feelings and ideas swarming in my mind I found I couldn’t sleep last night. I felt God stirring my heart and mind all night long, trying to feed me ideas and inspiration. It’s all a little much, a tad overwhelming. I find myself asking God- Where do I start? What ideas do I implement first? What can I do TODAY to have the greatest impact? God- what can I do to better fulfill the purpose and plan you have for me? Lay it out for me… where do you want me to go, and what do you want me to do?

I don’t know the answers to those questions quite yet. So I intend to just sit with my pen and paper, ready to write and write and write until ALL the thoughts swirling in my mind are down on paper and I KNOW what God wants me to do.

Praying to make sense of the bundle of emotions and ideas that at this very moment consume me. God is trying to tell me SOMETHING. I intend to figure out WHAT.

It dawned on me today that this is the SECOND time this year I have walked this very beach.


10624573_10203684313640818_6835458360899131169_nI had almost forgotten I was here that first week of January. I came to California with a group of my coaches for a Dani Johnson seminar and we spent Sunday at the Santa Monica beach taking selfies, eating ice cream & yummy seafood, and sharing our hopes and dreams for the future.

It was only nine months ago, but it feels like another lifetime. It’s a bit of a twilight zone walking …the beach with my husband this afternoon.

It feels so long ago, because so much has changed…... Namely in me. In how I view the world. In how I view my purpose and role on earth. And in how I view God.

And it can all be summed up in this GREAT pivotal lesson. That there are ENDLESS possibilities in life.

I use to think my life had no purpose. That I was incapable of adding value. That I had nothing to give, no reason to live. I felt the options for my life and future were very few.

But now I know through God I can do ANYTHING. And words cannot express how grateful I am for that knowledge.

‪#‎itsABeautifulWorld‬ ‪#‎createYourDreamLife‬ ‪#‎beYourOwnHero‬ ‪#‎GodIsMyStrength‬

Today I met a limo driver named Christopher


10153775_10203683788347686_3833813581209602017_nHis girlfriend lives in Denver Colorado, which is where he’s headed for Christmas this year. Christopher has been driving limos for 20 years and he use to drive around Lil’ Wayne and Kobe Bryant. Today he drove lil old me and my husband the scenic route from the airport to Casa Del Mar Hotel by the Sea.

There I was greeted with a beautiful gift basket.

Sea salt chocolate. Lotion and sugar scrub, fig bars, tin can candles, cheese and crackers, nuts and speciality popcorn. And an expensive bottle of champagne that will never be opened. Perhaps if I get to see Christopher again I can gift the champagne to him.

All I can say is….. Beachbody sure knows how to SPOIL their coaches. This hotel is GORGEOUS. I’m right on the beach. The view is stunning. Even the hydro therapy bathtub looks incredible.

I know the Superstar Day is tomorrow, but I already feel so spoiled and lucky, truly overwhelmed with gratitude. I’ll never ever ever forget this experience.

You have all been warned.


10384896_10203677455469368_6639536856987819908_n SO….... Beachbody is flying me to California tomorrow for a little celebration for hitting the highest rank you can achieve in the business – 15 Star. They call it SuperStar Day.Here’s the thing guys. I’ll be doing an interview with the CEO of Beachbody – Carl Daikeler. And it will be posted on Youtube. And I feel I need to give everyone a warning now …...>>>> I AM A HUGE DORK!! ...<<<<So you can’t be surprised if you guys see me break out in a nervous laughter when the CEO asks me a question, k?! In fact – just expect it. The truth is this whole experience will be quite BIZARRE for me. It will be a NUMBER of firsts.~ First time flying first class.~ First time driving in a LIMO. {Well…. at this last Summit David and I took our diamonds to a Blue Man Group show and got everyone there in stretch hummers. But I’m not counting that because it was a hummer. ;)} ~ First time flying in a helicopter.

I kind of feel like I’ll be a fish out of water. lol. I know I’m a 15 Star Diamond, but that’s because my TEAM is freaking AWESOME. ME – I’m still a dork and just starting to figure out this crazy thing called LIFE. I’ll probably meet Carl for the first time and stand there GAWKING and staring with my jaw to the ground, drool dripping out the corners of my mouth, eyes wide open, FROZEN, not sure what to say. I’m sure all the other 15 Star Diamond coaches are going to be all professional and fancy with their expensive clothes. And I’ll show up in my Old Navy jeans and Target heels and be REALLY out of place. haha.

But ya know what?? I felt the same way when I signed up as a coach. I felt out of place. I even had doubts of “WHO DO I THINK I AM??” What makes me think I can build a freaking FITNESS business? I’m not the most fit person in the world. How do I build a NETWORK MARKETING business when I don’t know very many people? I don’t have a college degree. I don’t have ANY real business experience. I can’t compete with everyone else out there!

But I just said SCREW IT. I’m not going to be like everybody else. I’m going to just be ME. I embraced my dorkhood and say – Screw the home parties, screw the traditional network marketing “strategies”. If I’m going to build a business I’m going to do it MY WAY!

Luckily it worked. I guess dorks can be really great Beachbody coaches and change the world if they are willing to work hard enough.

So I’m taking the same approach to these next few days. I am who I am. I may be like the hillbilly going to Beverly Hills here ….. but HOW COOL IS THAT?!! I’ll give HOPE to all the dorky hillbillies in the world.


Sometimes I forget JUST HOW MUCH my husband has changed over the past year and a half.


10513381_687612124609807_6720770853653380041_nAnd then I see a photo like THIS and I’m reminded – WOW, Jayson looks SOOOO different now!!The funny thing is…. my husband was not on board right off the bat with the idea of working out at home and drinking Shakeology. lol. He felt there was NO WAY a guy could get ripped at home, and he was skeptical tha…t a shake would satisfy him. But over the months, as he saw ME transform and lose weight, so he was ready to give it a shot.And NOW..... he’s lost over 65 lbs (with NO gym membership) and HE’S the one cooking the healthy meals and making sure we get our workouts in each day.I’m forever grateful we have learned how to live a HEALTHY lifestyle! It has helped me feel GOOD about myself and confident. I no longer WORRY about my husband’s health. I am confident Jayson will be around for our kid’s future. And I know we are setting a good example for them as well.#whataBLESSING #myHERO

Come what may...


I was told that selling everything we own and getting all new stuff would be FUN. I was told it would feel FREEING. I was told it would be EXCITING.Well all it did was give me anxiety.









We had a BIG garage sale this morning and most everything I own is GONE. Who knew garage sales could be so emotional?!! Today was so HARD for me. I sat there watching people walk away with MY STUFF and I… felt this sense of anxiety SWELLING in my gut. As the day progressed, that feeling increased.

As the last set of couches was hauled away I broke down.

Doubt. Fear. Anxiety. And a waterfall of tears.

I own NOTHING. And that realization FREAKED ME OUT.

As I sat there wondering what the HECK is wrong with me, I realized WHY this is so scary for me.

6 years ago we were living in our dream home. We had really nice furniture, six months worth of savings in the bank, great income, nice cars, everything was picture perfect. And then my husband stopped bringing home paychecks, but he was still working. Sometimes when you’re self employed that can happen. We went TWO YEARS with no paychecks. And just so you know, six months of savings doesn’t last two years. With a 2 year old and a 1 year old, we were broke as a joke.

We did whatever we could just to get by. I returned EVERYTHING I could to get money back at various stores. What I couldn’t return, I sold online. I would even buy cheap furniture, refinish it, and sell it for a profit. And THAT is how we kept the electricity on and food on the table.
I was basically having one big perpetual virtual garage sale to keep my family afloat.
Even after we filed bankruptcy and my husband found employment, we were still strapped. When Jayson needed a root canal it was a couple hundred dollars, money we didn’t have. Going into debt wasn’t an option since we have zero credit cards. So how did we fund his root canal and dental work? By selling more STUFF online. Our STUFF provided a SAFETY NET that we have used for the past six years.
And with all my possessions GONE, I realized….. MY SECURITY BLANKET HAS BEEN STRIPPED AWAY.
If something goes wrong, I have nothing to sell to get us by. I have nothing left to fall back on. And it scared me to death even though, for awhile, I couldn’t identify WHY.
After the garage sale I went for a drive to pray and make sense of my thoughts. “What do I get to learn from this?” “What is the lesson here?” It’s interesting because selling all our possessions was NOT the original plan. But I had felt this prompting last week to do so, so I acted. Thereby there MUST be something God wanted me to learn from this experience.
And as clear as day, all of the sudden I KNEW that God had created an experience for those walls to come crumbling down. False security walls that I didn’t even know existed. I don’t need all that STUFF. I don’t need THINGS. My security doesn’t come from having a few things in my back pocket to auction off if times get tough. My security comes through GOD.
This is an opportunity for me to TRUST. I get to just BE. And know that whatever happens, God will provide for me and my family.
As Tukaram, a Hindu poet once said about his own misfortunes… “It is well, O God, that I became bankrupt and was crushed by famine: this is how I repented and turned to thee…. for I sought your protection, O God.” ( Roger Lesser, Saints & Sages of India)
I have no THING to fall back on. So come what may God. I will trust thee and know whatever happens is for my highest good. Bring it on.

Did you know I eat Chia Seeds everyday?


And I don’t mean I sit down in front of the TV to watch The Bachelorette with a bowl of Chia Seeds. LOL.
NO…. One of the ways I sneak this in is sprinkling a spoonful over my oatmeal every morning.

And don’t you worry, I’m not using it with hopes that the top of my head sprouts green fuzz. Although that would be awesome.  NAH…. here are my reasons WHY I Ch Ch Ch Chia:


~ High source of fiber. Which means my tummy stays fuller longer so I don’t overeat.

~ Great source of Omega 3’s. These fatty acids are important for brain health. Could explain why me is smart. 

~ Healthy teeth & bones! It’s has 5 times more calcium than milk.

~ Rich in protein. As oppose to being poor.  It’s a great vegan option to pack in that protein without any cholesterol. One 28 gram serving of these super seeds has 4.4 grams of protein.

~ Provides Energizer Bunny type energy. Ancient Aztec warriors used chia seeds during their long journeys to increase stamina and energy over long periods of time. Also know as the “Indian Running Food”.

~ Helps you combat Diabetes. This super food is known for it’s ability to slow down digestion and balance blood sugar so you avoid those spikes.

~ It’s also been shown to improve blood pressure, and may increase your healthy cholesterol levels all while LOWERING your total LDL and triglyceride cholesterol. Fancy words that mean it’s good for your ticker.

~ Full of anti-oxidants. Nobody wants their skin to premature, or their various tissues to get inflamed. Anti-oxidants are your FRIEND if you want healthy skin, hair & nails.

~ Great source of Vitamin C! In fact it has 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges. Eat a little chia seeds, or seven oranges. Your choice.


SO AS YOU CAN SEE…… if you don’t Ch Ch Ch Chia, you’re TOTALLY missing out.

And to all my fellow Shakeology drinkers? Don’t you worry! Guess what’s one of the seventy whole food ingredients you find in Shakeology? BEST believe it —— CHIA seeds. #BOOM

Now just add some extra Chia seeds if you please and be as awesome as me.



What is Team Forward Fitness all about?



Some of you have read my story before and know that I have this deep passion for helping others succeed in life.  I struggled for the majority of my life, but I always felt that I was born to do something GREAT.  And I actually think that feeling of wanting to be significant is a pretty universal feeling.  Everyone wants to feel that their life MATTERS, that their life adds VALUE to someone else’s life.


To me, that is the definition of a successful person.  Someone who adds VALUE in the world.


You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to KNOW everything.  But you can be successful just by seeing a need and fulfilling it.


I am on a mission to do just that.  I see a need in the world for people to feel like they matter.  I see a need in the world for people to have a solution to get healthy and fit.  I see a need in the world for people to have an opportunity to work from home and earn money on their OWN terms.


I know money is not everything, but it IS freedom.  Freedom from stress and heartache.  I know this because I have gone YEARS without money and I know how hard it can be!  I know how stressful it can be to worry about how you’re going to feed your kids.  I know how stressful it can be to worry about where you’re going to live next month because you don’t have money to pay for housing.  It is the WORST feeling in the world and I don’t want ANYONE to feel that way!


I also know what it’s like to HATE your body and struggle to lose weight.  I know what it’s like to have people ask you if you’re pregnant because you belly hangs over your pants so badly.  I know what it feels like to have no passion, to merely EXIST.

The thing is I have found a solution for all of this.  I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and I truly feel this is not only adding TREMDOUS value in MY life, it is continuning to add value in the lives of OTHERS.  I have lost 35 pounds with Beachbody products, I have been able to go off anti-depressants for the first time in my LIFE.  My husband has lost 65 pounds with Shakeology and P90X, and I am now MATCHING my husband’s salary with what I earn with Beachbody.  It has truly changed my life for the better and I want to share this with others!

So on Thursday night, July 18th at 8 pm MST, I am hosting a LIVE webinar to share what it means to be a Beachbody coach, how you earn money doing this, and how it can work for YOU.

I want you to know there’s no secrets here. I am an open book.  There is no pressure on this webinar and absolutely no commitment needed.  You can just listen in and determine if this is a good fit for you.  You will hear from me and a few others coaches on my team and their unique spin on how they make Beachbody work for them.  To get the link to the webinar join our event page on Facebook or send me an email at

I look forward to having you on the webinar Thursday night!  For more updates on the call make sure to join our Facebook Event Page.


Maygen's TurboFire transformation story

I just LOVE transformation stories.  Maygen lost 65 pounds in a Beachbody challenge group and I wanted to share her story with you all.  This is what she had to say.
Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body? 
Before I started to exercise, I was driving an 2 hours everyday to take college classes. I started to notice I was gaining weight but ignored it. Then all I would wore were sweatpants and big tee shirts. I noticed I no longer allowed anyone to photograph me. I began to get depressed. I was going to college to become a nurse. My now husband and I were in a serious relationship, but I found myself getting jealous when a thin, good looking girl would talk to him. It seemed to hit me all at once. I was no longer that skinny, good looking girl I used to be when we started dating. I hated what I had become. An overweight, sedentary person who focused all my time and energy into my studies. As a nursing student, I was learning what being overweight does to people, yet I was overweight. It was time for a change.
What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey? 
Before I began my weight loss journey, I would complain openly about how fat I’d become. One day my best friends mother, a yoga and zumba instructor, informed me that no one could change my body but me. I thought long and hard about those words. I also began to think about my career choice. I knew I’d eventually have to give someone the dreaded news of their need to lose weight to be healthy. How hypocritical for an overweight nurse to tell another overweight person to lose weight! I also knew my husband and I would be married soon, so I wanted to look my best for our wedding. I wasn’t sure if I would be successful or not, but it was worth a try.
What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge? 
My greatest challenge was lack of motivation! I wanted to lose the weight, but I wanted to do it the easy way. I used diet pills without exercise. I wasn’t willing to change my habits. Beachbody gave me programs I ENJOYED doing. I didn’t need motivation for something I loved to do everyday. It made it easier to push play by providing program I actually enjoyed doing.
Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of? 
I’ve lost a total of 65 lbs and 6 pant sizes with Beachbody Programs. I look better than I did in high school and I feel absolutely AMAZING! My confidence is through the roof and I feel as if anything is possible! I’ve become a beachbody coach to help others achieve their fitness goals and find their confidence as well.
How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program? 
I have so much more energy. I’m active everyday. I’ve been able to help others begin to head after their goals by becoming a coach! I’ve felt AMAZING since I’ve lost all that weight! My family and friends can see my confidence and happiness! I am a Beachbody coach now, aiming to help others. People ask me all the time how I’ve lost my weight and how I’ve maintained my weight loss. I enjoy telling others about my weight loss. I am a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts, I can sprint up and down the halls in emergency situations without a problem and I can get my job done with ease. I can keep up with the physical demands with ease!
What tips or tools did you find most useful? What made them so instrumental?
I found other’s success stories to be the biggest influence on my motivation. Seeing how others have changed their lives by challenging their bodies was great motivation for me to make the changes necessary to reach my goals.
*If you’re interested in joining a Fitness Challenge Group and having your OWN transformation like this please CONTACT ME!  I’d be happy to talk with you about your goals and get you started.

6 Tricks to Kick the Junk Food Habit


Confessions of a Junk Food Junkie: 6 Tricks to Kick the Habit

By Denis Faye


True story: I was a fat kid, peaking at about 225 pounds by age 18. In my more socially awkward moments—and there were many—junk food was my best friend. Or so I thought. When my algebra class crush would gave me the “just friends” speech or a so-called buddy would jokingly call me “Fatso,” nothing said acceptance like a pint of Rocky Road and half a package of Nutter Butters.

Junk food vs. healthy heart food

Today, I weigh about 160 and I’d love to tell you those urges are behind me. Sadly, they’re not. On bad days, it takes a concerted effort not to pig out. My name is Denis Faye and I am a junk food junkie.

Given our nation’s exploding obesity and diabetes rates, you very well could be too. The good news is that with a few tricks and a little hard work, together we can keep those sugar monkeys on our backs under control.

Why we’re hooked on garbage

NachosIt’s safe to say that junk food addiction is a very real thing. The first place to look for proof is the ever-mounting pile of scientific evidence, including a recent study out of Sweden showing that the hormone ghrelin, which activates the brain’s reward system and increases appetite, reacts similarly to sugar and alcohol.

Then there are the increasingly decadent foods we have 24-hour access to. In his book The End of Overeating, Dr. David Kessler theorizes that manufacturers have, over the years, engineered the balance of fat, sugar, and salt in junk food to the point of making it irresistible. He refers to our gluttonous response to this crackified food as “conditioned hypereating.”

Most of this current thinking revolves around physiological factors, such as the fact our brains are hardwired to seek out highly caloric foods as a “feast or famine” instinct left over from caveman days. Unfortunately, human beings are slightly more complex than our primitive ancestors. By adulthood, most of us are a hodgepodge of neuroses and psychoses for whom a Twinkie has become a security blanket, so this urge to splurge will never completely vanish. Sure, you can retrain your body to crave healthy food, but your psyche may never stop seeking validation, Hostess® style.

How to keep that addiction under control

DonutLuckily, a well-trained body goes a long way towards helping a slightly off-kilter mind. For example, if I were to force down that half package of Nutter Butters®, I’d get physically sick. After years of clean eating, my digestive system has lost its ability to handle the toxic effects of a sugar hit like that, not to mention the preservatives and additives. Thanks in part to these newfound “limitations,” today I can walk away from the cake or limit myself to one or two bites—but that’s taken years of training.

But it wasn’t easy. If you’re going to break a sugar habit, it’s going to take time, patience, and willpower. But take it from a guy who used to work his way through an entire box of Cap’n Crunch® for breakfast: If I can do it, so can you. Here’s where to start.

    1. Clean all the junk food out of your home. Think of the stereotypical image of the woman getting dumped by her boyfriend and climbing into bed with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s®. If that tub wasn’t in the freezer to begin with, odds are that our protagonist would have instead settled for a soak in the tub.

      There’s also “unconscious eating” to worry about—when you just grab a bag of fried carbs while you’re sitting in front of the tube and stuff your face for no reason. If you don’t have access to the junk, the only bag you’ll be able to grab for will be filled with baby carrots. If someone brings some junk over for a dinner party, enjoy it with them and dump the rest when they leave.

    2. CookiesMake 80% clean. Relax with that other 20%. Just because your kitchen cupboard no longer looks like a movie theater concession stand doesn’t mean you can’t live it up sometimes. If most of your diet is super tight, you’re doing great, so cut yourself some slack. When I made my first big push to clean up my diet, Friday was Cookie Day. I ate like a saint 6 days a week, but every Friday I had a giant chocolate chip cookie and a latte.

      Knowing I had Cookie Day to look forward to made all the celery on the other days much more palatable.

    3. Make a comforting ritual out of eating healthy. The fact that Cookie Day was a ritual was also quite helpful. Unhealthy eating is often ritualistic—something comfortable and constant that you can depend on. Not only can you have your own Cookie Day—a conscious, controlled, weekly moment of indulgence—but you can replace unhealthy rituals with healthy ones.

      For example, I used to drink at least two servings of alcohol a night. I’d have wine or beer with dinner and then another one when I was sitting around reading or watching TV. When I realized that second drink wasn’t doing me any favors, I replaced it with a cup of herbal tea. The 21-days-to-form-a-habit thing has no scientific backing, but eventually a behavior pattern will set in. In my case, after three weeks I stopped missing that second beer. Then, after a few more weeks I really started craving the calming, peaceful feeling my cup o’ chamomile gave me. Now it’s a nightly ritual.

    4. Almonds and Nutrition BarCarry healthy foods with you at all times. If you carry a purse or a backpack, throw an apple or some raw nuts in there. In this Fast Food Nation, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in situations where you’re hungry and, shucks, you just have no choice but to buy a donut because that’s the only thing you have access to.

      You don’t have that excuse if there’s a snack in your pack. Here are a few to consider:

      • Fresh fruit (Apples and oranges travel well!)
      • Dried fruit (It all travels well!)
      • Raw nuts
      • Whole-grain crackers
      • A Shakeology® packet

  1. Discover new, yummy fruits and veggies. There’s a lot of weird, healthy food out there. Sometimes, we avoid fresh produce because either we’re either bored of the same old oranges or there’s a stigma associated with particular produce. Dad just forced you to eat asparagus one too many times. If this is a problem for you, buy fruits and veggies you don’t recognize. If you don’t know how to prepare it, do an internet search for “(produce name) + recipe.” You might stumble on a new flavor that completely blows your mind.

    For me, that magic fruit was the cherimoya, or “custard apple.” They’re green and scaly on the outside, thick, white, and creamy on the inside, with a rich taste as sweet and satisfying as the richest sorbet. My mouth is watering just writing about them.

  2. Fresh FruitBinge on healthy foods. I’m probably the only person who will ever give you this advice since it’s a wee bit questionable. Every once in the while, something emotional triggers me and I need to eat junk. Someday I might completely conquer this urge, but not yet. When I feel this happening, I hit the fridge and “pre-binge” on healthy foods, mainly raw veggies. Sooner or later, the ice cream or chips come out, but by that point, I’m so full of broccoli or spinach that I’m not physically capable of doing too much damage. Dysfunctional? Maybe, but a vast improvement over the alternative.

You might be one of those lucky souls who just decided to walk away from the candy counter and never looked back. Good for you. I’m not one of those people. Eating right is much easier than it was 20 years ago, but it’s still a process. That said, the rewards are innumerable, so why don’t you set down the pudding pop, grab a peach, and join me?Resources:

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