DAY ONE workout is complete, and as of now I've consumed 4 of the 5 meals for the day.  Only two more left!  And I'm happy to report I'm not starving.  ;)  AND..... this nutrition plan actually feels doable.   CHEERS TO THAT!   

Over the weekend my husband Jayson and I prepped our workout space for 80 Day Obsession by painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint.  It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile.  And I felt it would motivate ME to have a wall of quotes, adding one each day.  


It's kind of scary to paint a wall a dark chalkboard paint!  So I hesitated and delayed this for awhile, and finally pulled the trigger.  


After letting it dry for over 24 hours, we finally used it this morning.  I first marked 80 Day Obsession on there, and took our before photos.  

Today's workout was Total Body Core and I loved all 60 minutes of it!  Using the bands was a new thing for me and I definitely could feel it by the end of the workout.  The moves felt different and challenging, but doable.  It made me excited to do this whole program!

After the workout I decided I wanted the 80 Day Obsession part on my chalkboard to look different so I erased it and started over, only to then spell Obsession wrong.  lol.  Whoops!   

I had used all the chalk at this point so I'll be fixing that tonight.  ;)  

But the quote inspiring me TODAY as I get started is.... "Show YOURSELF what's possible".  

Cuz the reality is this is unlike anything I've done before!   80 Day Obsession has timed nutrition, you take a pre workout and post workout supplement, there's specific food combos, and every single workout is different for the entire 80 days.   

And at this point in my life curiosity is a BIG DRIVING force for me, and I'm very CURIOUS what I'm capable of.  So I'm following this plan to a T so I can show MYSELF what's possible in doing so.  


So far I've had oatmeal with flax seed and eggs and spinach for my pre workout meal.   And after my workout I had Shakeology with two scoops of power greens and rice milk and coconut oil.  Meal #1 was cottage cheese with strawberries and a spoonful of almond butter.   I made sure to have half a banana with my post workout supplement as well.   Next meal is a veggie stir fry with avocado and a Fuji apple.  And for dinner tonight we're sticking chicken and potatoes in the instant pot with coconut oil, with a side of broccoli.   

I was writing everything on a plain sheet of paper.  But had this idea today to make some nutrition plan sheets.  I'm on Plan B for this program!  So I made a sheet that I can print off and fill in the blank for each day.  Then I decided to make one for the other plans to share with my 520+ challenge group members.  Yep we have a lot of people doing this program together!   The online accountability makes a HUGE difference in taking on a lifestyle change like this.  




Please know if you're interested in this program and not already working with a coach be sure to reach out! I'd love to chat and be fitness accountability friends.  :)  

But I'm happy to share the sheets for you to print off and fill in!  You can download the nutrition plan sheets here!  

Plan A  

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

Plan E

Plan F

And be sure to follow my journey on Instagram.  I post mostly on Instastories.  You can see my chalkboard wall progress over the next 80 days and see food meal ideas as well.  My account is @happy__deeda.  Two underscores in between happy and deeda.  Hope to see you there!  <3