Time playing with kids is never waisted.

I’m pretty sure everytime someone told me to “Cherish this time while your kids are babies and toddlers” I had this sudden urge rise up in my chest …. an urge to swiftly punch that person in the gut 👊🏼, and ask them to watch my kids for 24 hours so this momma could have a BREAK. 👹🤣

But now I’m like “WAIT, how have the last ten years passed so quickly?” 🤷🏻‍♀️

Shoot.  🤦🏼‍♀️ I guess that well-meaning, advice-giving, acquaintance really WAS onto something there……  #gofigure

Soccer practices and games galore. Legit mom taxi status in full effect. I feel it’s go go go, and I have to FIGHT for those connecting moments with my kids. 

The thing is I REMEMBER SO CLEARLY when I was Mack and Andi and Phoebe’s ages. And it’s a very surreal thing to feel like here I am, now on the FLIP SIDE of that equation…. seeing how MY parents must have felt at that time…. even in silly little ways.

For example, I remember my mom was the music leader for the children’s group at my church {we call it the Primary Music Leader} when I was about Andi’s age. I always LOVED the children hymns and loved music, so much. But I REALLY loved when my mom was the Primary Music Leader. 

& guess what? Since last November that’s been my service calling at church as well.  👯‍♂️ And you know what? In an odd way it has made me appreciate my mom EVEN MORE. 

Music is the prayer the heart sings.

I remember how hard she worked preparing for her music lessons each week. And while I don’t remember many lessons from my childhood church days - I DO remember how I FELT singing those songs about Jesus. 

I have a deep faith in God and Christ and I can credit hymns for planting those seeds, because the spirit I have ALWAYS felt singing hymns is U.N.D.E.N.I.A.B.L.E. 

It’s a sweet sweet thing for me to be on the other side of that now. 💫

I have absolutely LOVED teaching the kids these songs every week!! I feel I have a special opportunity each week to bring these kids closer to God, to teach gospel TRUTHS, and invite in the Holy Ghost as we sing. I’m aware my kids really love having me in there as well, and that makes me feel good too.  😉

& I’m SO SO excited for tomorrow because it’s our once a year Primary Program!

Once a year the kids put on a performance at church and share their testimonies of God in front of the whole congregation, and sing all the songs we have worked on for the last 9 months. 

In a weird way it’s a GUT CHECK MOMENT FOR ME. It’s like my spirit is reminding me “Brigitte, THIS is one of those moments you’re going to look back on as a fond memory, don’t miss the significance of this moment.” 

& I wonder…..

Is this how my mom felt going into her first primary performance as the music leader? Is this how my mom felt as she saw me turn 6 years old, 10 years old, 11 years old?... painfully AWARE that time is limited and passing quickly?

 Soak up the time.

I guess I owe all the acquaintances of the world that have told me to “CHERISH this time with your kids” a BIG THANK YOU 💐, a hug, and maybe an apology for feeling secretly annoyed.  😉

I may not have seen the wisdom in that advice {nor taken it very seriously years ago} but now it’s hitting me HARD. I can assure you, I’m doing my best to SOAK IT ALL IN.  ❤

Oh, and mom? Thank you. 🙏🏼 Thanks for spending countless hours driving me to all the various activities I was a part of growing up. And thanks mom for sharing YOUR testimony of God thru music.  🎶 I love that it’s my turn to do the same. xoxo