HEY! HEY! I’m opening up five spots to mentor new coaches! 


Listen, this business has grown in such an astronomical way. But instead of sharing my income NOW, I want to share where I started. 

I started in April of 2012. And as you can see, I didn’t come in earning thousands. Some weeks less, some weeks more. Consistent effort given throughout. 

And you know what? EVERY SINGLE PAYCHECK felt like Christmas. 

I was working DANG HARD for those paychecks. I wouldn’t say by ANY MEANS I was a natural in this business. Some of you were lucky enough to get a message from me back in 2012 and witnessed first hand how AWKWARD this was for me. 

So how has this turned into a million dollar business? Cuz I freaking LOVED THE JOURNEY. 

I LOVED this at 50 dollars a week. I loved this at 500 dollars a week. & as my income as grown far past that, I have loved it still! THIS IS FUN for me. 

 When you keep moving forward you'll amaze yourself with what you can do!

Sure, things get hard sometimes. I’ve had my challenges. I’ve faced trials in this business. But I SO VALUE GROWTH that I ultimately see it as GOOD and SO WORTHWHILE. And so….. I’m still here, chugging away, loving this. 

I love being challenged. I love having something of my own. I love having an avenue to CONNECT with ladies all around the world. I love the chance to travel and go on trips. I love the people I have met, the friendships, the lessons learned, the COMMUNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to be my BEST and raise my standards. 

I see people spend the first half of their lives trying to create SIGNIFICANCE. Trying to earn a living. Doing whatever it takes to support their family and provide a few fun vacations and memories with their family. If it means working for SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM - so be it. 

Then, they spend the SECOND half of their lives creating MEANING. More focused on service, doing things that MATTER. Making sure they leave a legacy to be remembered. 

Well, I say do them BOTH simultaneously. I see this as a chance to create an income while TRULY changing lives for the better. 

Ladies - whether you’re trying to earn a few hundred dollars a month to help out with groceries, or you’d like to fund a vacation for your family, or your kids are back in school and you’re wondering what you’re going to do with your time…. I feel graciously confident I can show you how to build up a business ON YOUR TERMS, and do something MEANINGFUL with your time. 

I feel it’s my DUTY to pay this forward. 

BUT, I’ve learned there are ladies I work really well with. So as to not waste your time, or mine, let me define who I’m looking for. 


I’m looking for….

- Ladies who love health & fitness
- Ladies who are BUSY. {YEP <~~~~ I like busy people cuz busy people get stuff DONE}
- Ladies who want to do something MEANINGFUL with their day. Women who value GROWTH!
- Ladies who LOVE people and are fascinated in getting to know others and hearing their stories.  
- I want to work with women who want to be my friend! lol. But really, life is too short to work with people you don’t like. So you must be KIND, forgiving, & have a sense of humor. Bonus points for enjoying long walks on the beach & pina coladas.  ;)  #mustbeabletorecognizesarcasm

ANNNNND…… I’ll add that I work really well with MOMS who want to create a better future for their family.  <3 Cuz THAT, I can relate to. 

If this is you OR if you know someone who would rock at this, CONTACT ME TODAY! I’d love to connect and chat! And know I DO have a coach sneak peek event page going on right now where you can learn more on how this works and how I’m able to build this business all online. 

And PS - while I feel uncomfortable publicly sharing my current income, I DO feel it’s appropriate for those looking to join my team to know where I’m at and see what this can become. Happy to share current income stats via private message.  

★If you are already working with a coach - please reach out to them for info! ★

** Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.