The last few days my workout routine has consisted of….

🖐🏼finger strengthening exercises when I give my mom foot and leg massages. 

💪🏼 a small amount of upper body strength movements as I support my mom when she needs to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. 

and I’ll stretch to count walking around a grocery store, preparing a few meals, and tidying up my parent’s house as exercise.  😹

Unless I can also count watching my mom’s physical therapy movements as exercise 🤣 that about sums up the extent of exercise I’ve done this week. lol

It’s kind of cool when it feels WEIRD NOT working out for the last three days. Who would have thought?!!

 Getting to a place where it feels weird NOT working out daily.

But I've got a chance here to sneak in a workout while my mom naps so I'm taking it. My parents don’t have all the workout equipment I have at home. But luckily I can stream a cardio workout from my laptop.  💻

I figure a good hard sweaty workout outside is JUST the boost I need.  ❤🏃🏼‍♀️

#mobilegym #workout2feelgood

But before I do I wanted to share this!

 GEt the secret to this Before and After!

I am madly inspired by before and after photos, of all kinds. Fitness, makeup, home decor, landscape, I love them all.  💕

There's just something about UNCOVERING the potential within that lights me up!  

It's a transformation photo like this that inspired me to start my OWN journey. And now I'm obsessed with helping others achieve their own before & after photo.  🙌🏼

Soooo I'm excited to officially announce...... I have a new fit tribe starting Monday!  

I'll give you a lifestyle based nutrition plan. Access to a fun workout program you actually enjoy. Recipes. Daily challenges. Prizes. A community of positive ladies who have your back.  🙌🏼

Shoot me a private message if you want to join! Please keep in mind I DO limit each group size for the community factor. So while I start one each month, I only open a few spots for new clients. This month I have 7 available spots! If you want to claim a spot let me know asap!  

*available to US/Canada/UK residents