"I dunno, is it one of those 90 day programs where you make all these big changes, and then go back to your old ways on day 91? I'm looking more for a lifestyle change...."

All about the lifestyle change

Girl, I hear you. I ain't about an end date EITHER.  ✋🏼

But one thing I've learned..... our goals fill up the space we allot them. 

Have you ever noticed that happen? 

Like, you give yourself a day to fold a load of laundry, and somehow it takes that full day to do that load of laundry?  😧😜 But if you only give yourself 15 minutes to get it done, magically it only takes 15 minutes? 

Tasks fill the time allotted!  ⏰

And I have found it is the SAME with my health & fitness. 

make your health a lifestyle change

I thrive with deadlines! I do best if I set short 30/60/90 day goals so I can MOVE FORWARD during that time and PROGRESS. Otherwise, it just doesn't happen. 

So yep, I AM doing a 90 day program right now.  🙅🏻 In fact, I'm on month TWO of P90X3, week TWO, day TWO. But my workouts won't dissolve on day 91. That's when I set another goal, and another. 

being healthy is a lifestyle change

You know -----> that whole lifestyle change thing? I'm all about THAT.