make choices that liberate you

Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of calling this house a HOME.  

We moved in EXACTLY one year ago.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “So why did you move to Arizona?”

People always assume we moved from Idaho to Arizona for Jayson’s job.  

They are always pretty surprised to find out 1) That Jayson hasn’t needed to work for over 3 years now and is instead able to pursue HIS passions like podcasting & writing a book {which he’s NEARLY done with #proudwife} -and- 2) We moved simply because…. we wanted to.  

☀️We wanted SUNSHINE.  
🌴We wanted to live in a place without snow.  
🚙But we wanted to be within driving distance of our family in Utah & Idaho.  


 the secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage

I’ve watched friends HAVE to move because of their husband’s job to a place where they don’t REALLY want to live….

And I’ve watched friends let FEAR dominate their choices because they are too scared to leave their hometown (even though they’ve told me they really really want to).  

I’ve even watched friends hold back from living in the AREA of town where they’d ideally like to live because it would be too far for their husband to commute to work.  

Thru it all, I’ve come to REALLY appreciate the freedom we had to CHOOSE where we WANTED to raise our family.  

So many choices people make are lined with financial restrictions. And when that’s the case - how do you know if you’re choosing what’s ultimately BEST for your family?  

AT LEAST I know that personally there were SEVERAL choices we made simply because “that’s what we could afford”, NOT because we felt that’s what was TRULY BEST for our family.  

Listen, I not about stockpiling money and accumulating money just for the sake of having money. But I DO know this….

I want the FREEDOM to make choices based on what is BEST. I want to live without financial limitations. I don’t want to feel RESTRICTED. I have one life, I want REAL true FREEDOM OF CHOICE.  

And on this ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our forever home, our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living in Arizona, I am MORE GRATEFUL than EVER for the CHOICE we made to live where we want to live.  

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