"You know that this convention is going to be a bunch of hype and rah rah nonsense, right?"

I'll never forget Jayson saying that to me as we turned the corner to see the Las Vegas lights off in the distance as we drove to our first Summit together.  

Here I was, geeking out excited.  💃🏼⚡️

& Jayson was trying to ensure I wasn't sorely disappointed.  😆

You see, Jayson had been a part of another network marketing business years before I did Beachbody. He had been to their convention. Witnessed the hype and rah rah nonsense, and figured all network marketing businesses are the same.  #thanksbutnothanks

Yet, he agreed to come to that first Summit to support me, and cuz ~ Vegas 😉, but he left that Summit a FAN.  

In fact, I'm pretty sure as we left that Summit his exact words were "Well, that wasn't ANYTHING like what I expected."  😂

I know it wasn't what *I* expected either!  

I was eight weeks into the business. Not quite sure what I had gotten myself into. But I'll never forget sitting there listening to our corporate members speak and I KNEW, KNEW, I was in the right place, aligned with the right company, & doing the right thing.  

Now here we are..... IN New Orleans for our sixth Summit together.  


One thing is for sure........

I can't FATHOM working with people I DON'T like.  

How do people handle that??  🤷🏻‍♀️ I have no idea.  

I am so dang grateful for the Beachbody community. It's one of the HUGE PERKS of what I do.  

I love being around these people! I feel at home. I feel comfortable. Like I can relax and be myself & know I won't be judged, I don't need to worry about someone stabbing me in the back, I know there won't be any drama or catty behavior.  

🏡 Family 👫👭

These little team get togethers feel like FAMILY REUNIONS to me!  

My joy bucket is FILLED after a night with some of my team! 


SO today was the first official day of Coach Summit.  

It's been a day full of coach get togethers and rehearsals, with the opening ceremony to finish off the day.  

There's been new product announcements & new programs announced. {more details to come 😘}. I've heard inspiring stories and listened to our corporate members share their vision for our company, Team Beachbody.  

& you guyssssss, my heart is OVERFLOWING with gratitude.  🙏🏼💕🙏🏼💕🙏🏼💕

Gratitude for that small little voice inside of ME that I listened to five years ago, the voice that told me to DO THIS THING.  

Becoming a Beachbody coach is one of the BEST decisions I have EVER made in my life!!!! 

#iAmTeamBeachbody. And I'm PROUD I can say that.  🤛🏼

Friend, it's a short life. The next five years are going to pass SO quickly. You KNOW that cuz the LAST five years have flown by.  💨Do something YOUR future self will not only THANK you for, but THANK you for ~~ over and over and OVER again.  🙌🏼 #bestfeelingever 

#proudcoach #tffSummit