Starting my 6th week of P90X and feeling GOOD. 💕🙌🏼

In fact, I've felt really really good overall lately!!

 Talking truth about Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease, and how you can FEEL GREAT!

Feeling SO DANG GRATEFUL for that because it's been awhile! I can trace it back to the end of 2014 when I started feeling NOT so good, getting progressively worse as time passed.

Little did I know my body wasn't producing progesterone & my body was attacking my thyroid. #autoimmune #hashimotos

Since I never stopped working out and eating clean {80% of the time} I assumed I wasn't feeling my best because of mental/spiritual reasons.

🙏🏼So I dove more into my faith.

📲I hired a life coach and met every other week.

🎀I found an incredible therapist, meeting every other week as well.

📚I upped personal development reading, flying thru book after book, hours everyday of mental positive immersion.

So how I see it? That doctor who misdiagnosed me was doing me a FAVOR. 🎁

It created a space for me to increase my mental and spiritual strength in ways I wouldn't have if my body was functioning properly.

I've grown a LOT the last few years!! And NOW with the physical element getting better and better--- I feel like things are only UP from here. 🙌🏼

My iPhone screensaver says "Remember life is rigged in your favor".

 Life is rigged in your favor!

And it's true.

Everything IS for our highest good. #hardtimesincluded

 Everything IS for our highest good, hard times included!

Remember friend- that trial you're facing right now..... It's creating an opportunity for lots of personal growth. I promise, one day you'll be grateful!