Twenty one days later........ 

Three weeks in.......

18 workouts & 3 rest days..... 

7 days traveling.......

& I'm 7 lbs down. Over 5 inches melted away. 🙌🏼

 21 Days into Shift Shop, this results are amazing!

And wanna know the interesting part of that to me?

Majority of that weight loss was in the first week and a half. But my measurements were the same at that point.

The second week and a half - I only lost one more pound. But my stomach went down two inches, an inch down on both of my thighs, and an inch and a half gone from my waist.

I remember it was the same way for me the first time I did P90X. I'd measure in weekly and either lose weight OR inches, but rarely both. Guess that's the way my body moves thru the process of releasing excess weight & fat.

Last thing on my mind this morning (sorry this is long) ......... but it's kind of crazy to prove myself wrong; to have my beliefs challenged.

You see-- I figured I'd NEVER see definition in my stomach.

Even before having kids, I never had anything close to a six pack! And even at my BEST years ago (back when my body wasn't attacking my thyroid #hashimotos and my body was making progesterone) I DID have a smaller stomach compared to now, BUT I did not have stomach definition.

 anything is possible

I know I still don't have a six pack- but I DO see definition lines in my belly that I've never seen before! 👀

Kind of fun to see little baby abs poking thru at the top! I was STARTING to see them after six weeks of P90X (my before photo here), but I can see them even more now. 🎊

 It always seems impossible until it's done.

Can't wait to see what's possible in another three weeks of this program! 👊🏼

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