🍊 THE ORANGES guided me here. 

When we took the leap of faith to move to Arizona we rented for a few years to 1) MAKE SURE we liked AZ and wanted to stay here 2) SAVE MONEY for a downpayment & give us time to build up our credit score.

 The Orange Trees In Arizona

When we were renting I would go for drives ALL THE TIME, and explore the Phoenix valley. I drove thru lots and lots of neighborhoods to see what I liked and didn't like.

The first time I drove through this neighborhood my windows were down and the SMELL of the orange trees FILLED my car.

Tons and tons of orange trees.

& I LOOOOOOVE oranges, and the smell of all things citrus. 😍

Right then and there, I fell in love with this neighborhood.

Months later when this house went on the market I was ECSTATIC to see it was in the citrus neighborhood that I loved. It doesn't get much better {in my mind} than picking oranges off the trees in my own backyard!

Not only are they amazing for your body. 

 Benefits of Oranges

But also for your skin!

 Beauty benefits of Oranges

This is my little citrus paradise.