Can I share something with you guys?

Feeling a moment of clarity after a good therapy session this AM and a good hard workout. So I wanted to share what’s on my heart in hope that it offers some LIGHT to another.

 One day it will all make sense, and you'll look back with gratitude.

The last week was tough for me. Well, more so Thursday thru Sunday. I found myself overly emotional and on edge as a SLEW of old negative beliefs from my past came bubbling up to the top.

I was so NOT in the mood to process & clear these old beliefs & emotions. It was inconvenient timing, and something I felt I wouldn’t be able to work thru in this life ANYWAYS, so why spend anymore energy dwelling over something I can’t control?

But it wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t stop crying over and over again throughout the weekend. I would let it all out thinking OKAY NOW I’LL BE FINE, I got it out of my system, I just needed a good cry. Next thing I know a sweet sister is standing in church sharing stories of her mother and I’m about to stand to lead the kids in a musical number and I’m BREAKING DOWN bawling, & can’t gain my composure. #embarrassing.

BUT THEN….. the sweetest experience happened Sunday night. Peace. Healing. Some closure.

& then again today, as I talked with my counselor/therapist I released the last few traces of this old thought pattern and came to an awareness of God’s LOVING INTENTION through it all.

I can’t even TELL you guys what a WEIGHT I feel LIFTED from my shoulders.

 Be awareness of God's LOVING INTENTION through the harder times.

And wanna know something cool about it all?

I had been PRAYING and PRAYING for something to come into my life. And this morning I realized how much I had to FIRST release these negative thought patterns to INVITE that very thing I wanted into my life.

I hope I’m making sense. Trying to share without going into too many details. lol. But I wanted to share cuz you guys - God REALLY DOES hear and answer our prayers. I KNOW this! Everyone has their own bundle of hard & painful experiences & trials. Me too.

But the older I get the more it hits me with such awareness - those “hard times” were truly NOTHING BUT GOOD.

 One day it will all come together and make the most perfect sense.

I don’t know what hard time YOU are having right now, but I just wanted to offer a little bit of hope & light.

• One day, it will all come together and make sense. 

• One day you will see how this hard time was the only way God could bring about such a BEAUTIFUL gift and blessing into your life.

God has not forgotten you.

You are loved. 

You are blessed & highly favored. 

You are ENOUGH.

I promise, one day it will ALL COME together and make sense.