I became a mom to Mack when I was 24.

Andi was born when I was 25.

Then, the day before my 29th birthday Phoebe was born.

And I wondered……

🤔 With our birthdays one day apart - does this mean she'll be like me?

🤔 Am I OKAY with Phoebe turning out like me?

🤔 Am I okay with ANY of my kids turning out like me?

It was a somber moment of self reflection. NO 🙅🏻, I WASN'T okay with the route my life was going.

I wanted SO MUCH MORE for my kids.

I wanted my kids to live a FULL long healthy HAPPY life, set goals, push themselves, & resist SETTLING for “good enough”.

But how much longer could I expect my kids to “Do as I SAY, not as I DO”???

Little did I know that effort to change MY LIFE, would lead to a thriving business, simply because I shared my journey and encouraged others along the way.

I never thought I’d work. I DO think at the end of our lives we all want to look back on our life's journey and know we made a meaningful contribution. But, I felt MY meaningful contribution to the world would be fulfilled as a mom.

Looking back, I can see I was VERY MUCH LIMITING myself {and God} in that thought process.

So today, I’m GRATEFUL.

 Things I'd tell my 24 year old self & why being a WORKING stay at home MOM is blessing my life far beyond a paycheck.

Grateful I can be a MOM. & grateful to have something to do while they are at school.

Something MEANINGFUL. 💫

 Do work that is meaningful.

I’m not just filling up the time while my kids are in school.

I'm not "selling" a product just to sell a product.

I know in my heart, what I’m doing is making a DIFFERENCE in the world. And I gotta say, THAT. FEELS. GOOD. 😍 #allthewarmfuzzies

Friend - don’t limit yourself. Know your kids are watching YOU to learn what THEY are capable of! When you limit YOU, you limit your kids, ALSO.

YOU deserve better than that.

Your KIDS deserve better than that.

 Being a STAY AT HOME, WORKING mom totally ROCKS!

Do the bold thing. 🔥#chaseyourdreams