Five years ago TODAY I took a BIG LEAP of faith and reached out to this guy - Scottie Hobbs - after following him online for months. 

 beachbody coach

He was a stranger. Some random guy who’s post popped up on Facebook one day as mutual friends commented on his post. 

He had over 200 likes on one post. I couldn’t believe it! I had less than 200 friends on Facebook, and my once a year post was lucky to pull 10 likes. 

I was intrigued by what he was doing on social media and the transformations he would share. So I would type in his name each day to pull up his posts….. too shy to add him as a friend or click FOLLOW. 

I remember he shared once how he was paying five grand that month towards his mortgage and that BLEW MY MIND. 

That’s more than we made in one month! Who has that kind of extra money lying around to go towards their mortgage? 

But after a few months of following Scottie I stopped asking “HOW??” and starting asking “WHY NOT ME??” 

 why not you?

Other people are doing this. Other people are seeing success. 

I figured even if it took me five years to earn a couple thousand in a month, it would be worth working really really hard to get there. 

 do something you can't stop thinking about

I mean - time passes regardless. I figured I MIGHT AS WELL do SOMETHING to move us forward. 

Trust me - Watching life pass you by gets BORING. 

Five years later……. I’m pretty dang GRATEFUL for the choice I made April 27, 2012 to be a Beachbody coach and go ALL IN. 

Find something YOU can’t stop thinking about, and go ALL IN!! Whether it’s a hobby or career or a childhood passion. Your future self will thank you.