Why do I post before and after photos? 

 The Ultimate body Transformations of 2017

Cuz it's the very thing that made ME believe this was possible for me! 

I could see myself in those before photos. Can you? 

To me, seeing the Beachbody before and after photos PROVE that at any moment, people can draw that line in the sand and make changes. 👊🏼

 get out of your head and into your heart. Think less. feel more.

If you've been seeing my posts and felt that ITCH to give this a shot -- well here's your chance! 

My 90 day challenge group is coming up on day SIXTY next week. At that point I'll be adding in a group of challengers! 

📲 Online streaming of all the fitness programs 

🌱 30 nutrient dense shake meals 

🥑 Meal plans and recipe ideas so you're walking around the kitchen clueless 

👭 Accountability sisters who have your back 

Want me to include you? Shoot me a message or comment below! 

There are 60 days to summer, 60 days until you're rocking your shorts & swimsuit. 

 60 days till summer slimdown

& these next 60 days are going to pass regardless, so ya might as well do something to move FORWARD with your health and