Today I read the story of a coach on my team and was brought to tears. 

I KNOW the world is full of good people who have incredible STRENGTH. 

But man, there are times I am in AWE! 

In everyday life there are hallmark type stories of TRIUMPH, and I'm honored to know many many people who have overcome a lot. 

People are capable of achieving remarkable things! 

People like Sheralyn. 

 most amazing body transformation in 11 months

Sheralyn Rumbolt lost 76 lbs in under a year by working out at home & following a nutrition plan & drinking Shakeology. .

With those TOOLS in her toolbox, she was able to go from size 22 pants to size 10 in 11 months. XL top to a small. 

 Challenge your beliefs.
 What you tell yourself will either life you up or tear you down.

That takes courage my friends. 👏🏼 It takes someone CHALLENGING the beliefs they have told themselves for YEARS. 

I think that's pretty inspiring. 🌟.

Like I said, the strength everyday people have is quite REMARKABLE! 

And you...... you're still reading my long post? Well, that must be because deep down you KNOW you TOO have that ability to do remarkable things. 😉🙌🏼

Shine bright, my friend. 💫 See the challenges in your life and tackle them face on. People are doing it everyday, you can TOO! 

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