This is totally random, but something I just gotta say. .

I think people KNOW that money doesn't buy you happiness, but I want to share something I've learned about money.....

>> Money amplifies everything <<

If you're miserable where you're at now, with more money- you'll be even MORE miserable. 

If you're grumpy or paranoid - that will only increase with money. 

But if you're a grateful person - that will be amplified as money increases. 

If you're a service oriented kind of person- that will be amplified with more money. 

 things money can't buy

Money is just energy, so more energy equals amplification to the existing beliefs and experiences you choose into your life. 

So choose the personality traits you want NOW. And then as you bring increase into your life, your character can be amplified, and it will be a GOOD thing. ✌🏼️

 it is good to have money but make sure you haven't lost the things money can't buy

My random thought for the day. 😉