Some days I walk around looking like a hot mess in the name of exercise motivation. 😅 #truestory

The kids are out of school today. And I didn't plan ahead and wake up early enough.


So while wearing my workout clothes I've seen a lot of people today....

Taking kids back and forth, and all around for play dates & birthday parties. To the bank. To the grocery store. To meet with a new coach on my team to help her get all set up with her new business. To the doctor's for a quick check up on my thyroid.

All while looking like a hot mess. 🔥🙃

 brigitte linford

Why is it the days I actually get ready and look cute I see no one?? Like yesterday. Why didn't I at LEAST take a selfie yesterday?? Lol. I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♀️

 power of community

But today I just KNEW if I got ready for the day and did my makeup and all that, the likelihood of me getting my workout in after the fact was slim.

So it's nearly 6 at night, and I can finally report to my fitness accountability group that I DID IT. 💪🏼 #powerofacommunity

Consider that my tip of the day! 💡

Put on your workout clothes FIRST thing each morning, and don't change until you have it DONE.