You know when you hear that song that takes you back to your High School days? 🎶

Or you smell a certain perfume, and you can remember a specific memory or person? 

That's how it is for me doing these workouts. 

EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Tony Horton's cues I think of our old Idaho Falls home and how life was back then. I do a certain workout move and can remember all the times I did this same workout in the basement of our old home. 🏡

The funny thing is, I wasn't doing P90X thinking it would lead to a career that created the freedom for Jayson to retire, the freedom to move to a place we wanted to live, the ability to one day pay off our dream home.......

NO- I just wanted to get in shape! I just wanted to feel STRONG. 💪🏼 I wanted to prove to myself that I could do hard things. 

It's so bizarre to see how such a seemingly small choice has lead to all this! 

Feeling pretty dang grateful for the choice I made five years ago to commit to P90X. 

 Count your many blessings.

And today I'm pressing play, starting my third week of P90X knowing I'm AGAIN doing something my future self will thank me for. ✌🏼


You never know where the choices you make today will lead you! Do something today YOUR future self will be grateful for!

 You're always one decision from a totally different life.