I’ve done a lot of reflecting in Mexico, on trek, these last couple months.

I’ve been sick for awhile now, not really feeling like myself. And unsure of WHY. One doctor says I’m fine, it's just hypothyroidism but nothing else. Another doctor says “I’ll do a full blood panel, even though your insurance won’t cover it all.”

Second doctor finds out my body isn't producing progesterone & I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis hypothyroidism.

Guess there’s a little test done in a blood panel for your Anti-TPO. That Anti-TPO is suppose to be below 34. Once those levels hit 84 you likely have Hashimoto’s, my levels are over 600.

Why my insurance wouldn’t cover the tests for this is beyond me. Why that first doctor would let an insurance company dictate the tests she runs, or fails to run, is beyond all comprehension. 🙄

As I’m sitting there listening to this second doctor tell me I have a full blown auto immune disease after she looked at my lab reports & a thyroid ultrasound- I’m in SUCH denial.

I haven’t said anything on social media. Cuz I don’t want to own an auto immune disease. I don’t want that to be my story.

I’ve been going in for weekly IV treatments. I’m taking the extra supplements, doing MOST things I need to do to manage this genetic disorder.

But I’ve also REBELLED since getting the news, in a big way with my nutrition.

“You’re telling me I shouldn’t eat refined carbs or sugar or wheat or dairy? I’ll show YOU who’s in charge of what I can and can’t eat!”

So childish, I know. 🙈

Here’s where I’m at now...... I'm ready to move on.


The doctor gave me a little pat on the back telling me with the lab results, she was super surprised I’m not obese. I showed her my shakeology and shakeology boosts that I use daily and she was impressed, telling me this nutrient dense shake, and a lot of willpower, must be my saving grace.

CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE WHERE I’D BE RIGHT NOW if it weren’t for the healthy habits I created years ago, for this community, for Shakeology.

But I’m ready to stop rebelling.

My 35th birthday is 90~ish days from now. I want to start my 35th year feeling my best!

So I’m going to do P90X leading up to my birthday.

This next fitness group I’m starting April 3rd gets to have the news that I want this group to be 90 days. 🤞🏼 I’ll still add in people who want to join me at my 30 day mark, and 60 day mark. But selfishly, I want 90 days together. 90 days till summer, 90 days till by birthday, 90 days to see how GOOD I can feel.

If I can manage like I have with an autoimmune disease I’m thinking two things -

1 - God is GOOD. 🙏🏼 He has surely uplifted me and carried me in hard times. 

 your largest fear carries your greatest growth.

2 - I will be UNSTOPPABLE once I have this under control! 🔥

 believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable

The best is YET to come! I know that is true.

But I’m not waiting a SINGLE DAY MORE.

P90X day 1 in the bag.