It was THIS DAY, last year, that I walked through this house for the first time.

 dream home

The moment I walked through the front door I KNEW, this was the house I had been praying to find!

We had walked through soooo many houses at this point....

- We had made a cash full price offer on a piece of land to build a custom home, but the seller backed out. Deciding he didn't want to sell. 🙄

- We then made a nearly full price offer on a beautiful home. But the seller refused our closing date and was all around extremely difficult to work with! We pulled out knowing we couldn't meet his demands. At the time it was HEARTBREAKING. 💔

& THEN.... we found a brand new build we were ABOUT to place an offer on. We were waiting for the landscaping bid to come back before placing our official offer. We were suppose to meet with the landscaper first thing Saturday morning.

I remember we were celebrating Mack's birthday at the lake with his friends, & I randomly pulled up the Realtor app. I started scrolling the new listings. And there was this house, brand new listing as of that morning.

The next day I was walking through this house with my amazing amazing realtor Ashley Schmidt as Jayson was at Mack's baseball game with the girls. I KNEW this was the house! 😍 I tried to get Jayson on Facetime to see the house, he halfway paid attention, totally focused on Mack's game. lol.

But Jayson trusted me to pick this house, knowing I'm the picky one and so right then and there we made a full price offer.

I'm sure the sellers were shocked to get an offer the day after putting it on the market lol, but when you know you know.

 sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together

After renting for six years, this was the first time we got a mortgage again after filing bankruptcy years prior! It was DANG SCARY to get a mortgage again! But I knew our kids needed us to stop moving around every 2-3 years, and settle down in our forever home.

SO DANG GRATEFUL all those other homes fell thru, that the previous owners listed the very day they did. Even if they had waited till Monday to list it would have been to late!

This house, this neighborhood, our church group here, the school here, everything has been PERFECT for our family. The gratitude hasn't worn off at all, only increased.

 God has a way of making things turn out perfect, if we have faith in his plan.

I wanted to share cuz I know in the moment it felt like NOTHING was working out! It felt like so many prayers were being unheard. I was visualizing my perfect home and NOTHING I was seeing here in AZ was like the home I wanted. Or it WAS, but it would fall through.

But here's what I've learned - when everything feels like it's falling apart, it's falling TOGETHER.

You're being guided to the perfect thing for YOU! #trust