This is YOUR life. Do what makes YOUR spirit happy

"Hey Brigitte, how come you haven't been posting any flying selfies lately? Are you still flying?"

The answer is NOT RIGHT NOW. 

Simple explanation: I re-evaluated my priorities as I was setting goals for the New Year. And flying didn't make the list of priorities. 

Long explanation: Last year I knew I needed to do something outside of Beachbody. I was working a lot & felt it would be a healthy thing to find a hobby. 

Enter flying lessons. ✈️

 Do what makes you happy and be done with all the rest

THIS year, my focus is on JOY centered goals. I set my family goals & work goals. Lots of exciting things I'm working for in those categories. :) But it was when I set my PERSONAL goals that flying got pushed out. 

➡️ One of the things that pushed it out.....

A priority for me to invest in FRIENDS. 👭

When a friend invites me to join a Bunco night, or meet up for a hike, or lunch date, or girl's night out - I want to say YES! 

Work fits in a portion of my day. Family time takes a portion of my day. And personal time gets a portion of my day. I figured I could go flying all by myself during that personal time. -OR- I could spend a portion of my personal time with friends. 

And I'm just gonna be honest- at this point in my life I really value good friends. 

 Do what makes your spirit happy.

Friends who want to be my friend without consideration for whether I can or can't help them with their Beachbody business. 

Friends who aren't looking at me first as their coach, second as their friend. 

Friends who see me as ME, a flawed human being just doing her best. Not Brigitte- the 15 Star Diamond, Million Club, 3x Elite Beachbody coach/sponsor. 

I'm friends with my coaches and nothing will change that. I love my team! They are my friends. But I realized it would give me a healthy balance to have friends outside the Beachbody community ALSO. 💕

➡️ Another priority that came up - my new calling as a Primary Music Leader. 🎶

When I accepted that church calling a few months ago I knew I wanted to put my heart into those weekly music lessons. Not have it be a rushed last minute thing I throw together. Music is such a powerful way to draw closer to God. I see my calling as so so important! I have a unique opportunity to influence a lot of kids each week & I don't take that lightly 

➡️ And the third thing that came up and trumped over flying was the calling to be on Trek. 

Trek is a pioneer event my church hosts every four years. We spend four days out in the wilderness with hundreds of youth and a bunch of leaders. 

I knew it was another commitment I wanted to give my time to. A rare opportunity with my husband that I will never forget. When I saw the series of preparation meetings and trainings scheduled for Trek 😳 I knew it would push out any remaining personal time allotted for flying lessons. 

So there's my reasoning. ✔️

I figured flying can happen anytime. I can pick that up when it matches my priorities and finish it no problem! 

~~ But I don't want to put off time with friends. 

~~ & I don't want throw together last minute primary music lessons. 

~~ & I didn't want to miss that opportunity with Trek. 

Do I miss flying? 

Well flying is super fun. BUT I'm filling my days honoring MY TOP priorities. So I have no regrets. 🙅🏻

Cuz when I say create YOUR dream life, it's not cuz I think it's just a cute phrase. I mean it. 👊🏼

You deserve to be ridiculously in LOVE with your life! 

Figure out what's important to YOU!

Forget what others think you should do! 

Don't set goals just cuz you think it will make so-and-so happy. 

This is YOUR life. Do what makes YOUR spirit happy. Do what feels good to YOU. 💓

When you do THAT, your passion for your crazy awesome life that you absolutely LOVE shines thru and inspires others. 

And that is pretty rad. 🤗

You do YOU!