OH THE lovely faces that are captured on film while making training videos lol.


 how to maximize the Beachbody compensation plan

I laugh, but I freaking LOVE doing videos like this and training my team on how to MAXIMIZE the compensation plan and work SMART.

Today I did a live video for a group of four thousand coaches. 😳

 Your vibe attracts your tribe

Four THOUSAND coaches you guys, that's a lot of people!! lol 👀 Blows my mind to think about that, especially cuz those are all team members! I'm a part of the best team EVER and we have so so many coaches who are growing and building these amazing businesses!!

Wanna know something that makes Beachbody different though??

>> I only make money by LEGITIMATELY helping people. <<

Can you imagine ONLY paying a doctor if that doctor was able to CURE you of your illness?

Radical idea, huh?!

WHELP - that's THIS business for you.

& I'm DANG PROUD of that.

 where you invest your love, you invest your life.

❌ No big fat signing bonuses for blowing smoke up someone's butt, telling them only what they may want to hear. 🙊

❌ No extra money PERIOD added to my pocket by adding a coach to my team -vs- letting that person enjoy the products as a customer.

The reality is if I fail to successfully train my coaches, *I* suffer.

YEP - Our compensation plan supports people being HONEST and working together as a TEAM.

#nowTHATismykindofbusiness ✌🏼

So if I ever ask you to join me? BE FLATTERED, yo.

That means I see POTENTIAL, and I am willing to invest MY time in helping YOU succeed.