It's been a crazy busy day. Nothing like having Jayson gone to remind me how grateful I am for him.

But I just CAN'T go to bed without sharing a #tuesdaytransformation. And well, it's been awhile since I've shared my OWN transformation. Yep - this is me. 🙈

 Transform you're body and life.

Here's the thing.... when people message me INTERESTED about my online fitness groups but they aren't quite READY, I get it.


I know I THOUGHT about changing my lifestyle for a long time before I was READY to make changes. 


🌀 I talked about losing weight.

🌀 I thought about it every morning when I SQUEEZED into my jeans.

🌀 I would think about it when I was too tired to play with my kids.

🌀 I talked about how uncomfortable I was in my own skin.

🌀 I even CRIED about it whenever someone asked when I was having my baby, even though I wasn't pregnant. Kind of something that just happens when you gain weight first in your belly. :(


You would THINK with all the energy I spent THINKING about changing my lifestyle, I would have started a whole lot sooner. But it STILL took a series of AHA moments before I was finally READY.


One of those AHA moments? Seeing this quote..... 

 If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done


INSTANTLY, that quote pricked my heart. 🎯

And with that, I laid one little brick. 🔨

A brick that started the foundation of my DETERMINATION.

Brick after brick, AHA moment after AHA moment, with time the foundation was set. Till finally..... I was ready to go ALL IN and COMMIT to a better lifestyle. 


 your past does not define you're future

Friend, please don't EVER give up on yourself.

Your history, even your CURRENT actions do NOT, I repeat, do NOT define your potential. 


If I can make the changes {with a lifelong history of unhealthy living} SO CAN YOU. 🙌🏼

#anyonecanchange #believeinyourself