I’ve been keeping a secret and it’s time to spill the beans!

I have told my top leaders, but I haven’t even told my team at large.

But a couple months ago Jeff Hill {the Division Co-President of Team Beachbody} called and asked me to be a member of the Coach Advisory Board, otherwise known as the CAB.

 Beachbody Coach Advisory Board


I was shocked… excited…. and very very humbled.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the Coach Advisory Board even IS.

It’s a group of 8 coaches asked by corporate to represent the 400,000+ coaches in the network. Four coaches are asked each year to join for a 2 year term. And we come in to help corporate hear the voice of the network as they make key decisions that impact our company as a whole.

I am truly humbled they asked me to be 1 of the 4 coaches serving for 2017-2018.

 surround yourself if people who have dreams, desires and ambition; they'll help you push for, and realize your own.

In fact, it’s hard to describe the feelings I’ve had being asked to serve in this position. Especially as I see the other coaches who are serving their second year right now, and the three other coaches called.

I’m in the presence of INCREDIBLE leaders I greatly admire as human beings, the TOP TOP coaches in this entire network, and I get to rub shoulders with them?!! I can’t even tell you guys how that feels.

I respect this company SO MUCH for even HAVING a Coach Advisory Board.

What other CEO of a billion dollar company is willing to take 8 coaches from the network, and spend large chunks of time meeting together? It all just astounds me.

Because I know when corporate asks for our opinion they are actually listening and taking note.

 IT's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

I have seen significant changes made just since I’ve been a coach, largely due to the suggestions CAB has made. I see this as such a big responsibility, and I feel the weight of making sure I give wise advice and suggestions that are for the highest good of this network long term.

Today it’s all very real for me! Today I fly to Sundance Utah for our first series of CAB meetings. <So I figured it’s time I let everyone know. lol.>

We’ll have some time to play on the ski hills, but lots of time the next few days with the corporate team and CAB in meetings. Brainstorming how to make this GREAT company even better.

To say I’m grateful for this unique opportunity is a HUUUUUGE understatement. Thank you Carl Daikeler, Jeff Hill, Michael Neimand, Jon Congdon , Doug E Moss, and so many more.