Did you know I was a P90X dropout?



Did you know I had never been the girl who worked out AND ate healthy?

I had TRIED {and failed} several times to get in a routine. But…. I kept failing, and failing.

Until…… I found this community.

I saw a friend of a friend posting about their workouts, and sharing before and after photos.

EVERY SINGLE DAY I would tune in to be motivated and inspired. Knowing I wasn’t the only one trying to change my life - THAT was the missing piece I needed to make long lasting changes.

THAT is why I am DANG PASSIONATE about these groups. Because I KNOW - there’s not a SINGLE option that compares!!

💪🏼 You get a personal trainer IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, showing you exactly what workout moves WORK to bring results! #beforeandafterphotosaplenty

🍎You get a nutritionist guided meal plan where you learn how to pay attention to your portions in a fancy little app. Full meal plans for each day of the week.

🍫You get 30 meals of a daily dense nutritional shake. The most inexpensive QUICK & EASY juicing alternative out there. #proteinpowdersdontcompare

👭 And a community. Daily accountability, check ins, motivation & inspiration to lay the foundation of a LIFESTYLE change. Plus daily texts from me if you’re one of the first five to join my Fitness Foundation Crew.

Are you ready to...

 Surround yourself with people who push you, challenge you, make you laugh, make you better & who make you happy.


 let today be the day you love yourself enough

You KNOW the system works, you’ve seen the before and after photos from people JUST LIKE YOU who were willing to just START. 


Cecy here has just been featured in the 21 Day Fix Extreme infomercial! How cool is that?!! She lost FIFTY pounds with seven rounds of 21 day fix extreme. 

I don't think I have ever gotten my money worth from a gym membership. Not bashing gym memberships - but for ME, I just never could get in a routine with attending the gym! 

But working out at HOME.... THIS I stick with! And I THINK a big reason WHY is cuz it's easy to be motivated seeing results like this! If I'm going to do something I want to KNOW it's going to work! 


Works for Sharon here. ;) 43 pounds LOST! Not to mention $1,000 dollars richer for sharing her story in the Beachbody Challenge contest. 

HER Story inspire me tons...

"Beachbody On Demand is the most genius thing ever. I love love love it! It allowed my husband and I both to crush our goals. I've lost 43 pounds! I'm feeling happy, proud, and like I finally recognize myself again. Now I'm strong and confident in my ability to stick with this lifestyle. When you have such a huge mountain to climb, it feels impossible. But I'm proving to myself every day how possible it is. I've not quit and I will never EVER quit. Beachbody and Shakeology (and Energize...woohoo!) have changed my life forever. I'm so grateful."

And I promise I’ll be there every single day, walking you through this. I’m so confident in what can happen in this group that if you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied - take advantage of the full money back guarantee.

MESSAGE ME -or- COMMENT BELOW if you want to join the Fitness Foundation Crew!!