Today has been one of those days that's BUSY, and really really good.

~~~ I listened to some FANTASTIC training calls. {Gotta fill up my own cup before I help others, right?!}

~~~ Had some calls with coaches. ☎

~~~ Talked with some of my fitness group clients. 💃🏼

~~~ And I worked on some final details for my team training event going down tomorrow.

That's my day! Boring?? NOPE! It's been amazing!!!!!

You know that feeling when you KNOW you're RIGHT where you belong? That's been the overwhelming feeling hitting me today!

Cheesy cheesy I know, but I get to wrap up every single day knowing I made a DIFFERENCE that day.

That means the WORLD to me.

 Don't live beneath your potential you were born to make an impact

I think sooooo much of my depression years ago and even the suicidal thoughts were fueled with a belief of "I don't matter. I'm not making a difference, I'm not adding value, the world probably would be a better place if I wasn't here."

Who WOULDN'T be depressed thinking that way, right?!!!

 helping others and getting paid to do it

I think EVERYBODY wants to create financial security, but people want to know they made a DIFFERENCE too!!

What's the point of living just for yourself?? Aren't we SUPPOSE to live beyond ourselves and help others??

I'm a Beachbody coach. And I'm DANG proud to say that.

I'm not here just promoting some random product! Where's the satisfaction in just selling something to sell something???

 Don't limit yourself.

I get to offer tools people can use to CHANGE their daily life. And I know when someone changes their health, their ENTIRE family is influenced by that. To think about the generational impact going on is humbling!!

I get to spread HOPE, BELIEF, encouragement, support, friendship, and walk around empowering others to recognize their TRUE worth.

& I get PAID for this?!?!?!?

*pinch me*

Whatever you do, just promise me this--- don't live beneath your potential. Live so you're ending each DAY knowing you made a difference.