Have you heard about the hot new program coming out in the new year?

⚡️Timed nutrition
⚡️A focus on how much you SLEEP #cuzthatDOESmatter
⚡️80 different workouts for 80 days
⚡️Totally different than anything before released. 



OH, and I get to be in the coach test group with the celebrity trainer behind the program. SAY WHAT?!! Yep, it's true. AND>>>>> I get to bring in coaches on my team as well if they want to join.  ;)#thatmeansYOUcanbeinthereTOO!


And the more of these before and after photos I see, the more I realize that this new program coming out is for EVERYONE. 


Guys, girls, those wanting to lose weight, those wanting to get shredded, it seems to do the trick for everyone.  ✌🏼

If YOU want to be one of the FIRST to do this program, this is the time to lock in your spot cuz that first group of the year will be quite epic!



For those getting in for the first group of the year....

** A TEAM of coaches hosting to bring you the ultimate support system.

** We'll be sharing videos from the trainer as the coaches in the group participate in the coach test group.

** We'll have live workout collaboration opportunities so if the accountability of someone EXPECTING you to show up at a certain time to get your workout in is what you need - you have it. 

** Along with some special savings as well for those getting in at the start. #lovemesomediscounts

These are things that won't be offered in following groups. So you snooze you lose!

If you want to put this program to the test for yourself - let me know!